A group of foreign students who are volunteers staying in Kaunas is continuing work started by the city of Kaunas in the old Jewish cemetery of Žaliakalnis. Twenty five young men and women from Germany, Austria, Ukraine, and the Netherlands are continuing to document thousands of graves alongside their like-minded Lithuanian counterparts. This will help[…]

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Kaunas has good news for cyclists. From the beginning of August, the city buses and trolleybuses will carry bicycles for free. Bicycles can be carried by buses and trolleybuses marked with special signs. Inside there are special places for bicycle carriage. In total there are 150 buses and trolleybuses suitable for it. “Sometimes unexpected situations[…]

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Kaunas City Municipality is organizing the design contest “Kaunas Highlights” for the second year in a row. Recetly, the winners have been announced: out of 22 ideas submitted in the contest only 7 design objects will be integrated into the rhythm of the city and will complement it. This time all artists and creative people[…]

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Interview author Vaida Milkova (daily “Kauno diena”) “We are spreading the mycelium of ambassadors to cover Kaunas as much as possible,” architect Audra Kaušpėdienė vividly explains her current occupation upon becoming a president of ambassadors “Kaunas 2022”. Architects as Mediators Ambassadors of the project “Kaunas, European Capital of Culture” (or “Kaunas 2022”) are prominent artists[…]

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Recently, Kaunas city launched Jurgis Mačiūnas Square. It is located in the middle of the tripartite junction connecting Vytauto Avenue and K. Donelaičio Street and Parodos Street. The aforementioned intersection also stands in front of Parodos Street house No. 1, in which Jurgis Mačiūnas, one of the pioneers of the Fluxus movement, lived in his[…]

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Kaunas Airport became the main air gateway in Lithuania in mid July. Passenger flows have increased by four times, but that does not cause any inconveniencies or problems for passengers. It is all on the opposite – the city of Kaunas, which put all of its efforts to make the work of the airport with[…]

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On 15-17 September, 2017, Kaunas invites to celebrate the Italian days “Discover Italy in Kaunas”. In the three-day event there will be no shortage of concerts, exhibitions, cookery lessons, educational lectures, style advices, children’s attractions, gourmet dinners to become better acquainted with Italian culture. “Kaunas friendship with Italy has lasted for nearly two decades. During[…]

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May Kaunas City always remain the symbol of Lithuanian strength. 07/03/98

Former President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus


Vasaros-mokykla-990x525 Modernism for the future: school of summer, conference and forum


Dainu_svente_20160604_0128-990x557 The opening ceremony of Song Festival in Kaunas


f-990x557 Open kitchen Kaunas on Thursdays


konferencija-modernizmas-990x557 Modernism for the future: forum and conference KAUNAS2022


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