Kaunas city is preparing for the largest event of autumn: the Capital of Culture program will be closed by “The Contract“

The echoing motives of opera, electronics, jazz and Čiurlionis, as well as more than 150 performers, actors and dancers creating a mass event of music and theatrical elements – that is how the final act – “The Contract“ – of contemporary myth of Kaunas is promising to end the year of the European Capital of Culture. “To agree to live happily ever after  – that is what we will wish for Kaunas citizens, citizens of all the cities of Europe, and to all who were a part of this unforgettable journey“ – say the organizers of “Kaunas 2022“ who have prepared more than a few surprises for the 26-27th of November.

“The trilogy of contemporary myth of Kaunas – journey accross the three large European Capital of Culture events is like a parallel of the three phases: understanding who you are, accepting yourself and the agreement to be better to yourself and to your fellow citizens, your city“ – that is how the author Rytis Zemkauskas presents the idea‘s concept.

In January, a cultural “Confusion” took place in Kaunas in front of the whole of Europe, marking the start of the most ambitious project in the city’s history. “Confluence“, which flooded the city in May, set the mood for a charged summer, while “The Contract“ on 26-27th of November will indeed invite you to make a contract with yourself and to your city.

Known names and more than 150 performers

The authors of the big “Contract” event, which will take place at Žalgiris Arena, are National Prize Laureate Zita Bružaitė, director Gediminas Šeduikis, Golden Stage Cross winner Daiva Čepauskaitė and choreographer Agnija Šeiko. Together they will create a poetic vision of the city, weaving together facts, legends, myths and imagination.
When asked what genre this multi-layered work could be classified under, the author and composer of the artistic idea, Z. Bružaitė, is surprised. “It’s… balletoria. I came up with the term myself, and it brings a smile to many people’s faces. In “The Contract“, we will weave elements that are already discovered – the Beast of Kaunas, natural elements, various geographical references, allusions to the past and present, the creation of the city and life in the city – a shigya that unites all three performances”, says Z. Bružaitė as she looks out of the corner of her eye at the creative process that is going on in full force. She adds that Žalgiris Arena will be a place to hear and see Čiurlionis’ motifs – they will be the links between the six separate parts of the “Contract”, which by itself will include operatic arias, electronica, jazz, national motifs and the harmony of all this.

Unlike the first two acts of the Kaunas Myth trilogy, “The Contract“ will take place in an enclosed space – according to the composer, the volume of the arena gives freedom for new and daring solutions. Z. Bružaitė is convinced that every spectator who has bought a ticket to “The Contract” will see and hear a lot, and that the event will not be affected by wind, rain or other elements.

During the closing weekend of the European Capital of Culture on 26-27th of November, Kaunas will be decorated with contemporary light installations from other European cities and Capitals of Culture, that will be installed in various public spaces. On Sunday evening, the last highlight of the “The Contract”, which is beeing kept under wraps for the time being, will take place at Raudondvaris Manor in Kaunas district.

Tickets will go on sale this week. You will find the full Kaunas 2022 programme here: http://www.kaunas2022.eu or on the mobile app.


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