“Fluxus festival” returns to Kaunas – it will aim to become the biggest event in the festival’s history

On September 10, “Kaunas 2022” community program “Fluxus Labas!” returns to Kaunas with the acclaimed “Fluxus festival”– a city event that has become a tradition and surprises every year with unexpected, original and gratifying performances. The main highlight of this year’s festival will once again be the climb to the Parodos Hill, this activity will be accompanied by music, dance and theater performances inspired by the Fluxus movement, reminiscent of community events held this year.

The celebration dedicated to the city and its residents invites everyone to forget all the worries at least for a while and brighten up the gloomy everyday life. During the event, people will have to climb up the Parodos Hill using their own climbing methods, dress up in the most unexpected costumes and just enjoy fluxus-inspired performances, while celebrating fellowship. The idea of ​​”Fluxus festival” was born in 2018 – then 500 people attended the event. Original idea of the festival immediately took root in the city – the following year, the number of participants tripled. During several years of the festival’s existence, we saw everything – from the performances of puppeteers, jugglers and orchestras to the citizens of Kaunas dressed in the most unexpected costumes – astronauts, giants, heroes and many more. The festival, which attracts more and more people every year, welcomes its fifth year with even bigger, stronger and better-prepared cultural program created by the communities.

Fluxus is an international movement of artists that began in the 1960s, characterized by irony, simplicity, and experimentation. Jurgis Mačiūnas, the founder of Fluxus, was born in Kaunas, so it is very symbolic and exciting that the festival has become a tradition in this city. The members of Fluxus were not afraid to base their creativity on fortuity and playfulness, which is perfectly reflected in the atmosphere of the organized event and the radiant mood of the people. “Fluxus festival every year becomes a kind of adventure that everyone can go on,” – said Simona Savickaitė, coordinator of “Kaunas 2022” program “Fluxus Labas!”.

Fluxus festival program includes workshops, cultural performances and discussions

This year, the festival returns with its main highlights and a unique program. Starting September 5, preparation work will begin and various Fluxus movement inspired events will be held in the city.

On September 8, residents and guests of Kaunas city will be able to meet Jeff Perkins, an American director, member of the Fluxus movement and associate of Jurgis Mačiūnas and Jonas Mekas. The artist will invite to discuss the Fluxus movement in the past and today, there will be a screening of the film “George”, which is directed by Jeff and dedicated to Jurgis Mačiūnas.

On September 8-9, an international conference will be held in Zapyškis, designed to reflect the good experiences and future perspectives of the European Capital of Culture. The first day of the conference will focus on sustainable river tourism practices, while the second day will focus on building and sustaining vibrant communities. The international conference will welcome guests from France, Italy, Slovenia and other European countries.

On September 9, costume workshops will be held in various places in Kaunas and Kaunas district, where it will be possible to make original clothing pieces, masks or other details. On September 9, the workshop will take place at the Town Hall Square, and on the 10th – at the Kaunas Cathedral (from 15:00) and near J. Mačiūnas Square (from 19:00).

September 10 the festival will reach its culmination – at dusk, at 19:00, the colorful event will invite you to Jurgis Mačiūnas (the founder of Fluxus) Square, from where you will climb up the Parodos Hill. After that, participants of the event will get involved in a specially prepared festival program – performances created by communities and professionals will await here, including collective experiences, improvisations, dances, activations, theatrical performances, musical compositions, poetry events, fire sculptures and many other surprises inspired by the Fluxus. On that day, it will be possible to see a total of over 30 performances, 7 light installations and almost 400 members from the communities of Kaunas city and Kaunas district.

Fluxus is a never-ending movement and a desire to rise, climb and change – from the temporary to the modern capital. At the same time, it is an opportunity to be here and now, to celebrate the city you love and to let the unexpected into your life,” – said the organizers of the event.

The program of the European Capital of Culture in Kaunas and Kaunas district continues throughout the year – in 2022, hundreds of traditional and debuting events are planned, including exhibitions, festivals, performances and other activities created by local or international artists and Kaunas communities. The entire “Kaunas 2022” program can be found at www.kaunas2022.eu or in the mobile app.