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Kaunas City introduces the most popular travel application PocketGuide. This app is a GPS based audio city guide application for smartphones (Android, iOS) which guides you through the city by voice like a real tour guide introducing the most famous sights and facts.

4 tours available:

Kaunas walking tour (Old Town and city center);

Kaunas Interwar modernist architecture;

The Road of Gediminaičiai;

Diplomacy in Kaunas.

Audio guide is suitable for smartphones.

Languages: Lithuania, English, Russian.

Why is it worth to try PocketGuide Kaunas Sharing Impressions:

  • Convenient to explore the city independently;
  • The most important sights and their history are on your smartphone;
  • Interactive map, photos and interesting information;
  • Easy to use;
  • Opportunity to change the route and select the most interesting sights.
  • Downloaded from this link http://pocketguideapp.com/en/kaunas the record is saved and can be used without an internet connection. It is also possible to listen to this audio guide free of charge without downloading using the internet.

PocketGuide covers over 150 cities in 5 continents and has 100.000 new users joining every month. The app is used by the millions of tourists, entrepreneurs and local citizens.