The Great Christmas Kaunas Fair


On December 16, at 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., the broadest range of articles in preparation for the biggest holiday of the year under one roof in Kaunas, Žalgiris Arena!
This year it is possible to meet Christmas in a differently way: without worries what interesting or exceptional gifts should be given to the family and friends on the occasion of the approaching holidays, without hurry and queues in shopping centres, with festive mood, and, of course, original gifts.
A gathering of vendors arrived from the whole Lithuania, a supply of gifts and ideas for cherishing the festive environment.
During the Christmas Fair:

/ gift ideas for family members and family friends
/ details for cosy homes
/ articles for cherishing the environment
/ festive attributes
/ cheerful and exceptional activities for the small ones
/ special offers and discounts
Do you want to volunteer or have a Christmas idea? Do not be shy, contact us at: [email protected] or +370 670 42441