May 10-16, 2021


Exhibition "No to Violence!"

May 10-20


Astrid Lindgren quotes about childhood and drawings by Swedish illustrator Stina Wirsen. The exhibition is organized by the Swedish Institute and the Swedish Embassy. Exhibition place - PC "Akropolis" in Kaunas 3rd floor

Astrid Lindgren is one of Sweden's most famous and popular writers. All over the world, people are still guided by her inspiring vision that children must grow up confident, happy, protected from violence, that their dignity must be respected, that they must be supported in the pursuit of their dreams. This exhibition is a quote from Astrid Lindgren's famous speech "No to Violence", which she delivered for the first time in 1978 in Frankfurt when she was awarded the Peace Prize by German book publishers. This speech became a vision of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which emphasizes the right of children to live without violence.


Exhibition of children's drawings "Moomins"

May 10-30


The organizers of the exhibition are Kaunas Teachers' Qualification Center. Expositions - PC "Akropolis" in Kaunas 2nd floor

An exposition of works by the children's creative works competition "Mummy Trolls" of Kaunas city pre-school educational institutions, the aim of which is to expand the knowledge of children at pre-school educational institutions about Scandinavian countries and to depict the characters "Moomins" by artistic means.


“It’s Kaunastic” walking route “Scandinavian Afternoon”

May 10-16


We invite you to rediscover Scandinavia in your city, travel in the footsteps of the Scandinavians, and after walking at least part of the route, drink a cup of strong coffee, without which a day of frequent Finnish, Swedish and Kaunas person cannot be imagined. You can find the route link here.

During the Scandinavian days, Kaunas treats to coffee those travelling along the route. All you have to do is go to Kaunas IN Tourism Information Center (Rotušės Sq. 15), get an attribute, and travel with it to drink coffee. We invite you to go down this route with the walking mobile app # walk15.

Henri Parland (1908-1930), a modernist writer born in Vyborg, Finland, was inspired to create this walk plan. He has lived and worked in the Temporary Capital of Lithuania - Kaunas since the age of 21. Working in the Swedish embassy and raging in bohemian circles, he prepared a collection of poems "Spring in Kaunas".


Virtual quiz in Lithuanian "Do you know much about the Nordic countries?"

 May 10-16


A game for pupils and students developed by the Nordic Council of Ministers, which can be found here.

The quiz consists of more than 300 professionally prepared questions about the Nordic countries. The game can be played by one or more users at a time.


Virtual meeting with Niki Brantmark, author of LAGOM: The Swedish Art of Harmonious and Happy Living

May 10, 6 p.m.


The meeting link can be found here.

 Kaunas Vincas Kudirka Public Library and the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Lithuania invite you to a virtual meeting with Swedish blogger Niki Brantmark. The moderator of the conversation is Kotryna Žukauskaitė.

 After all, would it be wonderful if in today’s fast-paced and chaotic world you could slow down and enjoy a life where there is less stress and tension, more time for your favourite things and activities?

"Lagom" is "neither too much nor too little", "just that" is a Swedish philosophy that means a balance that is right for you. Living in Sweden, a country that is firmly in the top ten according to the World Happiness Index, Niki Brantmark will provide fun advice and identify effortless actions that bring about subtle changes in everyday life, teach you to find time for what matters most and become happier.  The event is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordplus.


Reviews of books by Scandinavian countries

May 11 and 13


Reviews of books by Scandinavian countries will be published on the website of Kaunas Vincas Kudirka Public Library, the link to which will be found here.


Virtual forum “School without bullying. Valuable experience of Scandinavian countries and Kaunas city schools”

May 11, 1 p.m.


The forum is designed to learn about the experience of Scandinavian countries in combating bullying in schools. Reports are read in Lithuanian (with English translation). The moderator of the forum is a journalist, host of the show "Labas rytas, Lietuva" Ignas Krupavičius. 

Speakers: Anna Murgo, curator of the Finnish state anti-bullying program KiVa, a representative of the University of Turku; Kaja Vintervold Asmyhr, Vestfold-Telemark County Ombudsman; Eglė Tamulionytė, curator of the Friends program of the Public Institution Vaikų linijos.

Also, 3 Kaunas city educational institutions will present their experience in combating bullying in our city.

You can find the program and registration here.


Virtual forum “Sustainable cities. The Nordic experience”

May 12, 1 p.m.


The forum is designed to share experiences about projects run by Scandinavian cities, the results achieved and the challenges they face in the field of sustainability. The forum is organized in cooperation with the Office of the Nordic Council of Ministers, KTU. The moderator of the presentations is Ainius Lašas, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts, KTU.

Speakers: Bo Frank, Mayor of Växjö (Sweden), Chief of Linköping (Sweden) Environmental Officer Nicklas Alsö, Representative of Tampere (Finland) (to be confirmed), Anne Luiro of Rovaniemi (Finland), Representative of Swedish organization "Global Challenge" Tove Julin .

Sustainability is one of the most important indicators of a modern city, which covers a wide range of areas: ecology and cleanliness, infrastructure development and ease of living, sustainable mobility and healthy living, as well as fostering the fundamental values ​​of social relations - reducing exclusion and promoting equality.

You can find the program here.

Forum broadcast link here.

The event will be held in English. You can watch the broadcast of the event's translation into Lithuanian here.


Review of the movie Forest Giant. 2020 drama

May 13, 8 p.m.


The film’s hero Pasi returns to his childhood city, where he is tasked with laying off some of the workers from a forestry factory. Pasi has a beautiful wife, they are expecting a baby, so he sees this appointment as an opportunity to climb the career ladder. Arriving in the city, he meets his childhood friends working in that factory. Pasi faces hesitations - he is told to take care of the company's high profits first, not the people who work there. Director: Ville Jankeri.

Cast: Jussi Vatanen, Sara Soulié, Hannes Suominen, Anu Sinisalo, Philip Zanden, Tommi Korpela.

The film is shown in Finnish with English subtitles. The link will be provided 3 days before the review and will be active on May 13th, 8-24 p.m. time. You can find the links of the film on the page of the Cinema Center Romuva www.kcromuva.lt and on the FB page


Cooperation lesson "Scandinavian journey while staying at home" (recommended for grades 7-8)

May 14, 1:40 p.m.


The lesson is led by G. Grėsus, a teacher of geography and history. Participants - general education teachers and students. Pre-registration is required by May 12th here.