Modernism for the future: school of summer, conference and forum


To give the meaning to years of Europe heritage in Kaunas – events dedicated to modernism.

Project Kaunas Capital of Europe 2022 in 2018 presents three international events dedicated to the architectural European heritage, which emerged between two world wars.

The year of 2018 were announced as the year of Europe’s culture heritage, giving the meaning to Europe culture heritage as a source of memory, identity, dialogue, union and creativeness. This initiative coincide with the  century of the Lithuania’s state restoration, for this reason in Lithuania, especially in Kaunas, more and more attention is paid to one of the main signs of modernism – architecture, the witness of European rigorousness and optimism of that time.

The project Kaunas – Capital of Europe 2022, program Modernism for the future, is dedicated to the increase of the actualization of the architectural heritage, naming as one of the most important activities, in 2018 presents three international events, dedicated to the architectural heritage of Europe, which emerged between two world wars.

Kaunas 2022 is organized on the 25-29th of June, the international summer school Seeking modernity: historical modern image of town and its value will be held. On the 12-13th of September international scientific conference Modernism for future will be organized. As well Kaunas 2022 will take part in the forum of Europe’s modernism cities, specialists from all over the continent will be invited on the 11th of September.

Summer school for professionals, students of heritage protection and architecture in Kaunas University of Technology is part of the joint programming initiative Cultural heritage and global changes – new challenges for Europe of program Practice of Heritage. After introductory lectures and excursions, acquaintance with the historical parts of Kaunas city participants of school will be invited to prepare scenarios of future architectural developments for chosen studies. The results of workshops will be presented for the public, the open discussion will be held with the community of city. Registration to summer school already started and will be open till the 15th of May. Participation in the school is free, but the chosen candidates will have to take care of travel expenses.

More:  mokykla.modernizmasateiciai.lt

2018 forum of Europe’s modernism cities – in the context of the years of Europe’s heritage – will seek to reveal modernism as an important fragment of Europe’s identity. The aim of this event, which will be organised in the historical Kaunas Garrison Officer’s Club Building, is to unite cities and places of Europe, in which the heritage of early modernism is important part of the historical heritage. The aim is also to discuss modern identity of cities, its preservation and usage in tourism.

Representatives of municipalities, managers of heritage area, academic community, representatives of cultural heritage and business of tourism as well as other organizations for which questions of 20th century first half architectural heritage management and communication are actual, are invited to take part in the forum. The presentations will be given in English as well as the discussions will be held in English.

More information: forumas.modernizmasateiciai.lt

International scientific conference is organized in the Žalgiris Arena amphitheatre in order to become better familiar with the 20th century third and fourth decade’s diversity of Europe’s modernism architectural heritage, interactions, similarities and individual features. In the conference will be discussed not only the historical context of phenomenon, as well as the experiences of modern modernism nurturing and interpreting.

The event of two days will be divided into four sections: National modernisms (curator Giedrė Jankevičiūtė), Diversity of Modernism (curator Marija Drėmaitė), Historical Images of Cities Modernism in the Unesco world heritage list (curator Vaidas Petrulis) and Artistic Interpretations of Modernism (curator Migonytė-Petrulienė). The presentations of conference presented in English with the synchronic translation will be published as a separate scientific publication.

More:  konferencija.modernizmasateiciai.lt