March – the month of Francophonie


Throughout March, Kaunas residents will have many opportunities to familiarize with the culture of the Francophonie countries. Francophonie unites countries and regions where the main or predominant language is French. In June, people living in Kaunas will have the opportunity to get to know France, Canada, Switzerland and the Africa’s Francophonie countries better.

For the Kaunas people in March, from day 2 to 28, a broad event’s program will be presented. Concerts, performances, lectures, conferences, literary afternoons, movie reviews, free tours, gourmet dinners and numerous other events will invite people to get familiar with the culture of the Francophonie countries.

March 2nd (Friday) at 6 pm

OPENING - Kaunas Symphony Orchestra Concert, dir. Yann Molénat and mezzo-soprano Ambroisine Bré (France). In the program: 20th century’s Lithuanian and French composers, M.K. Čiurlionis and C.Debussy works / Kaunas State Philharmonic, E.Ožeškienės St. 12 (only with invitations, which can be given for free at the Philharmonic ticket office on February 27th)

March 3rd (Saturday) at 11 am
Free tour "French Traces in Kaunas" / Pre-registration required by e-mail. p. [email protected], tel. 8 616 23 828

March 3rd (Saturday) at 2 pm
French piano and accordion music afternoon with soloists. The program includes Claude Debussy, Henri Duparc, Maurice Ravel, Gabriel Fauré, Jean-Philippe Rameau, Hubert Giraud, and Edith Piaf. Grenoble Conservatoire teachers concert (France): Chrystèle Chovelon and Emmanuel Cury (mezzo and baritone vocals), Sandra Chamoux and Thierry Sibaud (piano) and Jean-Luc Manca (accordion) / Concert Hall of the M.K. Čiurlionis National Art Museum, Putvinskio St. 55 (free)

March 3rd (Saturday) at 7 pm
French band "Lo'Jo" concert. Lo'Jo is a legendary group of six from France. For over 30 years, original music professionals have released 15 albums and have hosted the legendary “Festival in the Desert” in Mali. More about the group - http://www.gmgyvai.lt/lt/lo-jo / VMU Great Hall, Daukanto St. 28 (paid in advance, tickets distributed by Tiketa)

March 3rd (Saturday) at 9 pm
Concert by Keith Kouna from Canada / Jem'pub, Laisvės av. 59, 5th floor (free)

March 5th (Monday) at 6 pm
Former Deputy Mayor of Grenoble, Former French-Lithuanian Parliamentary Group “France-Lithuania” chairman Mr. Michel Destot's lecture "Smart and sustainable city Europe" / KTU, A.Mickevičiaus St. 37, 213 auditorium (with translations into Lithuanian)

March 6th (Tuesday) from 10 am till 5 pm
International Political Science and Diplomacy conference "Silence in Political Communication". A well-known communication specialist, CNRS director prof. Dominique Wolton (France) will read a plenary report “"Noise and Silence in Political Communication". Other speakers: philosopher prof. Gintautas Mažeikis, professor of communication Auksė Balčytienė, prof. Kristina Juraitė, political scientist prof. Lauras Bielinis and others / VMU, Small Hall, Daukanto St. 28 (free)

March 6th (Tuesday) at 7 pm
The play "I am Molier", directed by Inesa Paliulytė, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the French Cultural Center activities (former 1993-2014 Robert Schuman Center) / National Kaunas Drama Theater, Laisvės av. 71 (paid)

March 7th (Wednesday) at 10 am
Presentation of the prof. Dominique Walton's book "Pope Francis: Politics and Society. Conversations with Dominique Walton" / Vytautas Magnus University’s Faculty of Theology Aula, Gimnazijos St. 7 (with translation into Lithuanian)

March 7 (Wednesday) at 6 pm
A lecture by the Baltic States history specialist Gilles Dutertre " Choiseul family and Lithuania" / KTU, A.Mickevičiaus St. 37, 213 auditorium (with translations into Lithuanian).

March 8th (Thursday) at 4.30 pm
Lecture "The Beginning of the Two Lithuanian Republics Diplomacy in Paris". Speakers: Doctoral student in history of Vytautas Magnus University S. Jazavita, VMU’s Master’s degree student in History R. Jaramičius, Political Science Doctoral of Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy’s researcher S. Mykoliūnas / VMU, V. Putvinskio St. 23, 102 auditorium.

March 12th (Monday) at 6 pm
Doc. Dr. Dawn Cemnolonskis lecture "From France to Tahiti: what Polis Gogens was looking for and what he discovered" / KTU, A. Mickevičiaus St. 37, 213 auditorium.

March 13th (Tuesday) at 6 pm
Viewing of the French film "Future" (L'avenir, directed by Mia Hansen-Love, 2016) / Romuva, Kaunas Cinema Center, Kęstučio St. 62 (free)

March 14th (Wednesday) at 6 pm
Chamber music concert "Moonlight". Pianist Virginia Unguraitytė Levickiene and singer Jomantė Šležaitė are participating / M. and K. Petrauskai Branch of the Kaunas City Museum, K. Petrausko St. 31 (free)

March 15th (Thursday) at 5 pm
The first Francophonie literary afternoon. Lecture by Mohomedou Houssouba, professor and researcher of African Studies from the University of Basel (Switzerland) / VMU, V. Putvinskio St. 23, 102 auditorium (with translation into Lithuanian).

March 18th (Sunday) at 12 am
Free Tour "French Traces in Kaunas" / Pre-registration required by e-mail. p. [email protected], tel. 8 616 23 828

March 18th (Sunday) at 4 pm
French romantic music concert. Maria Arutiunova (soloist) and Dalia Jatautaitė (organs) Kaunas Cathedral Basilica of the Apostles St. Peter and Paul, Vilniaus St. 1 (free)

March 19th (Monday) at 5 pm
Second Francophonie literary afternoon. Lecture "Abdelatif Laâbi, or poetry as a light fortress and shelter from dark barbarism" by Mohamed Saki, a researcher of the University of Western Brittany (France) / VMU, V. Putvinskio St. 23, 102 auditorium (with translation into Lithuanian).

March 20th (Tuesday)
5 pm. International Francophonie Day conference “Francophonie, Economics and Politics”. French Ambassador in Lithuania JE Philippe Jeanatou, Switzerland’s Ambassador in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia J. E. Konstantin Obolensky, VMU Rector prof. J. Augutis, Head of the Center of Francophonie of Vytautas Magnus University, prof. Aurelija Leonavičienė, business representatives are attending/ VMU Small Hall, Daukanto St. 28 (free)

7.30 pm. “Aura” Contemporary Dance Performance "I Want to Be a Fern Flower", choreography by Bea Debrabant (France) and Birutė Letukaitė / VMU Great Hall, Daukanto St. 28 (free)

March 21st (Wednesday)
Goût de France - French cuisine dinners in DIA and Monte Pacis restaurants (paid).

March 22nd (Thursday) at 6 pm
VU professor Dr. Tom Sodeika's Lecture: "Simone Weil: Desperate Waiting for God" / KTU, A. Mickevičiaus St. 37, 202 auditorium (Aula).

March 26th (Monday) at 6 pm
E. Turauskas's niece Karolina Masiulytė-Paliulienė 's lecture: "Eduardas Turauskas, diplomat, journalist, chairman of the Lithuanian-French Society from 1926 to 1934. His ties with France" / KTU, A. Mickevičiaus St. 37, 213 auditorium.

March 27th (Tuesday)
6 pm. French documentary film "Louvre: from the first tower to the pyramid", 7 pm - French documentary film " Musée d'Orsay " / KTU, A. Mickevičiaus St. 37, 213 auditorium (free, films are recorded in Lithuanian).

March 28th (Wednesday) at 6 pm
Concert "I love France". VMU Music Academy’s prof. Sabina Martinaitytė students, international competitions winners Gabriela Kuzmickaitė, Monika Pleškytė and Gabrielė Skromanaitė will sing the French composers "les chansons" and opera arias. Pianist prof. Audronė Eitmanaviciutė. French composers works will also be performed by members of the Makštutai family (Rokas - Clarinet, Artūras - Birbynė, Jolita - piano) / KTU, A. Mickevičiaus g. 37, 202 auditorium (Aula) (free).