Lithuanian Independence Day events in Kaunas


All the events are to commemorate the Day of Restoration of Lithuanian Independence

March 11th.

10h.  Mass in  Kaunas St. Michael the Archangel church (Nepriklausomybės a. 14 A) .

11h. Mass at the Kaunas Cathedral Basilica (Vilniaus st. 1).

11.30h. The procession of public organizations from the Kaunas Cathedral Basilica to the Vytautas Magnus War Museum garden.

11.40h. Bell Music Concert at Vytautas Magnus War Museum garden.

12h. Ceremonial commemoration at Vytautas Magnus War Museum garden. Vidas Bareikas, Martynas Kavaliauskas and "Original Copy" will be performing at the ceremony.

12.40h. "Surround Kaunas with the three-colored flag" march . The first flag is taken from the Vytautas Magnus War Museum garden, the second - from the Independence Square.

13.20h. Flash mob "My home" at the Town Hall Square where both flags will meet.

13.30h. Festive concert "Singing Lithuania" in Town Hall Square. Participants will include Vidas Bareikis, Iglė, Martynas Kavaliauskas, The Station, Man-go, Original Copy and other performers. Installation "My Lithuania after 100 Years".

13.30h. Lithuanian Television Competition "Song of the song" concert "Song and spring“ for Kaunas city laureates and guests  at the Vytautas Magnus University hall (S.Daukanto st. 28).

15.45h. Children's and Youth‘s groups performances  in the Town Hall.

16h. The Vytis Cross Order flag lowering ceremony at the Vytautas Magnus War Museum garden.

21h. The national selection of "Eurovision" song contest  in Kaunas Žalgiris  Arena (tickets are distributed by "Bilietai.lt") as well as live broadcast of the event in the Town Hall Square.

Other events / promotions / concerts in the city

March 5 – 30th. The exhibition "Strong because we're free" at the Tirkiliskiu branch of the Vinco Kudirka Library, Kaunas City Municipality (Tirkiliškių st. 31)

March 6th.

11h. Opening of the exhibition "Independent Lithuanian calendars" at the Aleksotas branch of the Vincas Kudirka Library, Kaunas City Municipality (Veiveriu St. 43).

18h. "The Old Town Film Club" cinema evening: film "Traveling Through Lithuania" (2010, Doc., Directed by V. Digimas, D. Ellis) at the Kaunas City Municipality Vinco Kudirka Library Youth, Art and Music Department (A. Mapu str. 18).

March 7th.

17h. Presentation of the painting exhibition "Colors of freedom by Alina Gulbinienė, Zita Tarasevičienė and Jonas Kunickas" at the  Dainava branch of the Vincas Kudirka Library, Kaunas City Municipality (Savanoriu pr. 377-13).

March 8th.

14h. Kaunas City Educational Institutions, Lithuanian History Competition - Quiz "We are the Future of Lithuania" at the Vytautas Magnus War Museum, Great Hall.

March 9th.

11-17h. Creative postcard workshops for adults and children "Reverence for Lithuania" at the Panemunes branch of the Vinco Kudirka Library, Kaunas City Municipality (Vaidoto St. 115).

12h. Žaliakalnis community hour "You live on the Green mountain". In the Church of Christ's Resurrection Basilica of Remembrance, "Signatory from Žaliakalnis or our Algirdas" will feature poetry, memoirs of folk songs and companions memories about signatory of the March 11th act -  Algirdas Patackas.

12h. The Day of Crossword Puzzles for adults and children "Do we know the history of Lithuania" at the Berželio branch of the Vinco Kudirka Library, Kaunas City Municipality (Taikos pr. 113B).

13h. Concert "Sing Lithuania" in the Kaunas and Marijampolė Grand Hall of the Blind Centers (Savanoriu pr. 206, IIa.). Participants will be Kedainiu region folk ensemble „Temela „(leaders K. Kuprys and V. Bička), Kaunas contemporary music ensemble "Bičiuliai" (leader V. Brušnius) and Kaunas folk ensemble "Kanapija" (leader K. Vyturytė).

15h. Music and Poetry Afternoon "My Songs - To You, the Homeland".  In the Kaunas City Museum M. and K. Petrauskai Lithuanian Music History Department (K. Petrausko St. 31). Prof. Tom Ladigos and Doc. Rita Novikaitė students, concertmaster Rūta Blaškytė, actress Olita Dautartaitė will be participating  in the event at the Department of Singing of the Vytautas Magnus University. The program will feature vocal music by Lithuanian composers and poems by Lithuanian poets.

15h. Presentation of Stanislaw Sajauskas's book "Prienai land: past to the future" at the Historical Presidency of the Republic of Lithuania in Kaunas. Entrance is free.

17h. The performance "Women of the Century" at the historic Presidency of the Republic of Lithuania in Kaunas. Entrance with the ticket of museum.

17h. Opening and performance of VDA KF Department of Students' Works Exhibition "11 sights of hope" in the Department of Adult Care of the Vinco Kudirka Library of Kaunas City Municipality (Laisvės al., 57). The exhibition will be open until April 15th.

17h. Review of the documentary and animated film "Once upon the time Grandmother and the Grandfather" (2007, doc., Directed by G. Beinoriute) at the Palemonas Branch of the Vinco Kudirka Library, Kaunas City Municipality (Marių St. 37).

March 10th.

16h. The performance "Alksniskes" at the Kaunas Chamber Theater (Kestutis str. 74A). Director Gytis Bernardas Padegimas. Ticket price is 12 euros.

20.00 – 22.00h. The event "March 11th Breakthrough" organized by the Kaunas crew military units at Kaunas Castle. During the event, the fires will burn, war games will be played, a concert program will be held.

March 11th.

Visiting Vytautas Magnus War Museum is free.

11, 12, 13, 14h.  Free tours of the Historical Presidency in Kaunas (it is necessary to pre-register online, starting on March 5th, to registre follow the museum's Facebook account -  https://www.facebook.com/IstorinePrezidentura/ ).

11h. The run by Kaunas crew "For Freedom!" In Laisvės avenue. Start and finish in the Independence Square. All those who want to participate are invited.

15h. "Freedom bell" concert of choir music at the Kaunas Culture Center "Nation's House" (Vytauto pr. 79). There will be mixed choirs „Gintaras“ (led by Jovita Kulakauskienė), Diemedis (led by Audrius Petrauskas), Ainiai (directed by Mindaugas Šikšnius) and men's choir „Perkūnas“ (led by Romaldas Misiukevičius). The event will be hosted by Edvinas Vadoklis. Composing instrumental trio. Concertmasters Gailutė Bogdanaitė and Goda Palskytė.

March 15th.

17h. Presentation of Dr. Algirdas Matulevičius' book "Summons of the Nation" at the Historical Presidency of the Republic of Lithuania in Kaunas (the event is free).

18h.  A gift from Kaunas Technological University to Kaunas and Kaunas people - Free Choir leaders  Concert by the KTU Academic Choir "Youth" and the KTU Wind Band "The BrassBees" conducted by Danguolė Beinaretė in the Kaunas Garrison Officer Club.

The program will be adjusted.

Additional information is provided by Irena Simonauskienė, tel. (8 37) 42 40 83 (2284), email: [email protected]