Kaunas Youth Days


Hey young folk, are you ready to have some fun? We are ready to make sure you’re having fun!
“Kaunas Youth Days” on 15th and 16th of September will show once again that “Kaunas” and “youth” are two inseparable concepts.
This great event will include a vast number of awesome events: a rave in the underground street crossing in the old town, a graffiti competition on Vilnius Street, the show of BMX bikes to street dance fights, an unusual party in the morning, “Dancing Old Town” event, performances of “Garbanotas Bosistas” band and “Solo Ensemble”, and many other memorable events you definitely don’t want to miss.
Young folk, Kaunas is reserved for 15th and 16th of September for you! Tell your parents you’re not coming back for this weekend. All the residents of Kaunas, get ready for such a weekend you haven’t had in Kaunas for a long time!

15th of September, FRIDAY
• 8.00 “Daybreaker” (Party in the morning) in front of the municipality of Kaunas
• 15.00-19.00 “Street Art” (Performance by graffiti artists) on Vilnius Street
• 18.00-21.00 “Dancing Old Town” Event on Vilnius Street
• 18.00 Opening event of Kaunas Youth Days in City Hall Square
• 18.00-18.45 Extreme Biking Team – GREENTRIALS (Latvia) (show of “Extreme”, one of the best bikers’ team in Baltic region)
• 18.30-23.00 Grand Concert
• 21.00-21.45 Extreme Biking Team – GREENTRIALS (night show)

Grand Concert (Rotušės square)
• 18.30 Parranda Polar
• 20.00 The Station
• 21.15 Garbanotas Bosistas

16th of September, SATURDAY
• 12.00-18.00 A fair of dance groups and other organisations including various performances
• 18.00-22.00 „Gamers City Battle“ (street dance fights „All styles 1vs1“; performances by dance groups and extreme sports groups)
• 21.30 Kaunas Youth Rewards Ceremony
• 22.00 Concert of the band “Solo Ensemble”

• 16.00-21.00 “Dancing Old Town”
• 17.00-00.00 „Old Town Underground“ (DJ performances and installation art in the underground street crossing of Vilnius Street)

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