Events to mark the Centenary of the Restoration of the State of Lithuania


15th February

10h. Visiting signatories graves. Laying of flowers next to the monuments of Historical Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania in Kaunas Garden.

12h. Unveiling ceremony of the renewed monument "Pieta" in the Old Alexis Cemetery, Veiveriu g. 130. The author of the reconstruction project is Rimgaudas Miliukštis, sculptor Nerijus Kavaliauskas.

14h. Unveiling of the restoration of the monument "Honor to the Departed for the Homeland" and 76 in the granite cross killed soldiers in the Lithuanian soldiers' cemetery - Žemuosiuose Šančiuose, A. Juozapavičiaus pr. 20A.  Author and architects of the cemetery reconstruction project is Saulius Mikalauskas, sculptor doc. Alfonsas Vaura.

17-19h. Educational activities at Žalgiris Arena, Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 50 (with invitations).

19h. Festive concert in the Kaunas Zalgiris Arena. Awards, Honorary Citizen Name Ceremony to Liudas Mažylius (with invitations).

16th February

10h. The campaign of Kaunas Students and Kaunas Public Police at the entrances to Kaunas.

10h. St. Mass at the Christ‘s Resurrection Church, Kaunas, Žemaičių g. 31A.

10h.  St. Mass at the St. Michael the Archangel Church, Kaunas, Nepriklausomybės a. 14A.

11h. Public campaign “Put a candle down on the volunteers graves“ . Map of volunteers graves.

11h. The procession of Kaunas students, schoolchildren and community organizations from the Christ’s Resurrection Church of Kaunas to the garden of the Vytautas Magnus War Museum.

11.30 h. Bell music concert at the garden of the Vytautas Magnus War Museum.

12h. Festive commemoration, lifting ceremony of the flag of the Order of the Cross of Vytis, the ceremony of oath of the junior officers of the courses supervisors, the flower laying at the garden of the Vytautas Magnus War Museum.

12.30-12.35 h. The ringing of the bells of Lithuania’s churches “Gloria to Lithuania“. Sound the 100 beats of the Freedom’s bell.

12.40h. HIPERBOLĖ TRIBUTE concert of Igoris Berinas and group the Huge Soul at the Vytautas Magnus War Museum garden.

12.40 -19val. THE ORIENTEERING GAME “One Hundred Moments of Lithuanian Freedom in Kaunas“ in the central part of the city. We invite everyone to take part in the orienteering route and visit the buildings related with the interwar, monuments and other memorable places. All places will be marked with a special distinguishing mark and in the each one of them a specially planned action will take place. The leaflets will be printed and distributed in which will be the printed Lithuanian Independence Act, map of the places/points of interest and the place for the seals will be printed. At each point you will receive a stamp with the name and the date of that personality, historical place or building. In this way we in invite everyone to symbolically gather signatures of your new century’s independence act. For those who collect stamps at the last point of the game – specially made badges will be given in the historic Presidential Garden of the Republic of Lithuania.

12.40-14.30 h. The signatory Jonas Basanavičius (actor Saulius Bagaliūnas) will give the Lithuania’s Independence Act to the participants and guests of the orienteering game at Vytautas Magnus University, Students square. The actor will read the independence act, communicate, take pictures, give books of the orienteering game, and stamp them.

13.15-15.15 h. Songs with the Danielius Dolskis (solist Saulius Bagaliūnas) at Laisvės avenue near the restaurant Metrapolis. The soloist will sing the songs of the primario, interact with the audience, take photos, and put stamps.

13.15-15.15h. Interwar dances in the crew officer's detachment of Kaunas. Lynch dancers will meet the people who come to the small hall, teach Midwestern dance, and volunteers will put stamp to the visitors.

14-16 h. Professor Maironis (actor Gintautas Bejeris) and lyrics at Žaliakalnis funicular museum. Actor will read lyrics, put stamps and take photos.

14-15 h. The Reconstruction of the Historical Interchange of the Guard Service of the Ministry of National Defence at Kaunas crew, Gedimino street, 25. During this event we will see solders of the interwar Lithuanian army, wearing the uniforms of that period, the ceremony of flags lifting, three dedication traps and public cognitive story about the environment and ceremony of the palace, we will hear the songs performed by the military orchestra’s march and the youth (stamps will be put).

14.30-16.30h. Cabaret next to the Kaunas state musical theatre. Actors will take photos, put stamps, singers will sing the pieces of operettas and musicals.

14.30-16.30 h. Chatters with Kaunas burgomaster Jonas Viliešius (actor Aleksandras Rubinovas) at Laisvė Avenue near the Central Post Office. Near the monument will stand an ancient car. Actor will interact with the audience, enjoy tea, put stamps to the participants of the orienteering game.

17-19 h. Presidential garden. Theatricalised Presidential Congratulations, opening of the Ice Sculpture park, music of SergeSax & DJ Groov's, Light and Laser Show at the Provisional LR Presidency of Kaunas garden. In the presidential garden it will be possible to hear the passages of the historic greetings by the A. Stulginskis (actor Artūras Sužiedelis), K. Grinius (actor Arūnas Stanionis), A. Smetona (actor Edvinas Vadoklis). Presidents will come with an ancient car. We will invite everyone gathered to admire the illuminated sculptures made by the craftsmen: # 100, The SCULPTURE OF FREEDOM, LITHUANIAN INDEPENDENCE ACT, HERB OF LR, COLUMNS OF GEDIMINAS, etc., to see light and laser show and to enjoy retro music performed by the DJ together with the Sergej Vichrov (saxophone), warm up near the altars and enjoy tea. Here people who collected the stamps of the orienteering game will be awarded with specially made badges.

 16h. Ceremony of launching the flag of the Order of the Cross of Vytis at the Vytautas Magnus War Museum garden.

17h. Concert for the century of the Lithuania’s state restoration by Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra “Revival of the Century’s music“ in Kaunas state philharmonic (with t invitations) , E.Ožeskienė g. 12.

15-18th February

Centennial light festival - the artistic lighting of the most significant and most valuable buildings in Kaunas (city center and Old Town) for the centenary of Lithuania Independence. List of illuminated buildings:

  1. Central Post Office in Kaunas, Laisvės al. 102;
  2. Ministry of Justice and Seimas Palace (now Kaunas State Philharmonic ), E. Ožeškienės g. 12;
  3. Kaunas city Municipality ( State Saving Banks), Laivės al. 96;
  4. Vytautas the Great War Museum, K. Donelaičio g. 64;
  5. K. Čiurlionis Museum of Art, V. Putvinskio g. 55;
  6. The headquarter of milk processing company “Pienocentras”, Laisvės al. 55/ S. Daukanto g. 18;
  7. Kaunas Maironis University Gymnasium, Gimnazijos g. 3;
  8. Garrison Officers' Club Building, A. Mickevičiaus g. 19;
  9. Christ Resurrection Church and Parich, Žemaičių g. 31A;
  10. Faculty of Medicine, A. Mickevičiaus g. 9;
  11. The second house of Building Complex (Doctor Nadiežda Nagornienė house), V. Putvinskio g. 54;
  12. The building of Building Complex (Vatican Nunciature), V. Putvinskio g. 56;
  13. The third house of Building Complex (Attorney Kazimieras Škėma house ), V. Putvinskio g. 60;
  14. Painter’s Antanas Žmuidzinavičius house of Complex Building, V. Putvinskio g. 64;
  15. The fifth house of Building Complex (Burgomaster Jonas Vileišis house), Putvinskio g. 68;
  16. The sixth house of Building Complex (Engineer Antanas Gravrogkas house),  V. Putvinskio g. 70;
  17. The seventh house of Building complex (Vincas and Ona Tercijonai house), V. Putvinskio g. 72;
  18. Historical Presidential Palace of LR in Kaunas, Vilniaus g. 33.

Other events/promotions/concerts in the city:

14th February 

10.30 h. Citizenship lessons „I Love Lithuania“ for children at Kaunas City Municipality Vincas Kudirka Public Library Park  subunit, P. Lukšio g. 60.

11 h. Artistic promotion „I'm drawing a flag“ Kaunas City Municipality Vincas Kudirka Public Library Panemunė subunit, Vaidoto g. 115.

17 h. Exhibitions for the centenary of the Republic of Lithuania „100 most significant events of the first Republic of Lithuanian (1918–1940)” opening (entrance with invitations) at Historical Presidential Palace in Kaunas, Vilniaus g. 33.

15th February

13.30 h. Concert to celebrate the centenary of the Restoration of Lithuania. The artistic program will be presented by Prienai district mixed vocal ensemble “Puriena”, (manager O. Matusevičiūtė) and Kaunas popular music ensemble “Bičiuliai” (manager V. Brušnius). At Kaunas and Marijampolė region’s Centre for the Blind, the grand hall IIa. (Savanorių pr. 206).

16 hReview of the movie „Flight across the Atlantic“ (drama, director R. Vabalas, 1983) at  Kaunas City Municipality Vincas Kudirka Public Library Dainava subunit, Savanorių pr. 377-13.

16 h. Review of the movie “Dievų miškas“ (drama, based on B. Sruoga book “Dievų miškas“, director A. Puipa, 2005) at  Kaunas City Municipality Vincas Kudirka Public Library Palemonas subunit, Marių g. 37.

17.30 h. Presentation of Lithuanian folklore artists exhibition „100 ribbons greetings to Lithuania“ and presentation of sculptor Adolfas Teresius exhibition „Monumental and chamber sculpture in photographs“ at Kaunas National Culture Center, A. Jakšto g. 18.

18 hPromotion“Centennial greetings to Lithuania“. Review of the movie “Emilija from Laisvės alėja“ (historical drama, director D. Ulvydas, 2017) at Kaunas City Municipality Vincas Kudirka Public Library Adult users service department, Laisvės al. 57.

18.30 h. Evening “Time travel. Inter-war Lithuania: texts, songs, dances“at Kaunas National Culture Center, A. Jakšto g. 18.

16th February

11 h. civil promotion “Raise that flag in Town Hall”: 100 flags on the windows and release of the tricolor to the sky!

12-14 h. “Tricolor painting“. Open creative workshops for families with children at KKC “National house“ studio “Rainbow“, Vytauto pr. 79.

12-19 h. Druskininkų g.7 IĮ travel organizers‘ “Laivė” promotion “Today we want to be together“. Let’s contact and communicate with relatives who left to Norway, Sweden and Finland. You are welcome to enjoy free tea, sweets, lottery, to write and send greetings letter, arrange a discussion.

12–24 h. Historical Presidential Palace will be open from midday to midnight, entrance free of charge. At the first Palace floor are presented newly arranged Centennial exhibitions “100 most significant moments of the first Republic of Lithuania (1918–1940)” you can view exhibitions only with the presence of tour guide (advance registration is required for excursions, which will start on 1st February, follow Historical Presidential Facebook account).

12-14 h. Bicycle hike dedicated to the centennial Restoration of Lithuania. It will be followed by a route that will form the contour of Lithuania! More information.

13 h. Lithuanian Military Flags Exhibition „Reborn after destruction“ at Vytautas the Great War Museum, K. Donelaičio g. 64,  entrance free of charge.

13.30 h. Student choir festival „Song of hope“ at St. Michael the Archangel Church of Kaunas.

14 h. Educational – reconstruction of the change of historical inter-war Ministry of National Defence near the Ministry of Historical National Defence, Gedimino g. 25. During the event you will see the soldiers of Lithuanian inter-war military wearing uniforms of that time, flag raising ceremony, 3 dedicational salvo and cognitive story about Palace environment and ceremony, you will hear march of military orchestra and songs performed by youth.

14 h. Ethno performance “Blacksmith” of VMU folk dance ensemble “Žilvitis“, concert dedicated to Centennial of Lithuania and 60th anniversary of „Žilvitis“ at VMU hall, S. Daukanto g. 28.

14 h. Performance “Alksniškės“ at Kauas Chamber Theatre, Kęstučio g. 74A (performance is not free of charge).

14 h. Creative workshop. Centennial symbols will be molded. Kaunas City Museum, Kauno Town Hall, Rotušės a. 15. Registration is required:

14 h. Creative workshop „Let‘s mold the Castle of Kaunas“ Kaunas City Museum, department of Kaunas Castle, Pilies g. 17. Registration is required:

15 h. Concert of folk dance groups, dedicated to Centennial of Republic of Lithuania „Vilčių nemunai“ Kaunas Culture Centre „National house“, Vytauto pr. 79.

16 h. Traditional exhibitions „The best composition of 2017“ closure and announcement of laureate at Kaunas Picture Gallery, K. Donelaičio g. 16.

16 and 20.30 h. Premiere of the movie „Pelėdų kalnas“ at cinema theatre „Romuva“, Laisvės al. 54. Tickets price 3-4 EUR, free of charge for disabled and children of pre-school age.

16 h. Excursion of Kaunas City Museum at Kaunas Town Hall Rotušės a. 15. Residence of the Independence Act Signatory, Kaunas city burgomaster Jonas Vileišis. Registration is required:

16 h.  Celebration-concert of the 100th anniversary of the Restoration of Lithuanian Republic “Lithuania, dear country“ at Kaunas Garrison Officers' Club Building, A. Mickevičiaus g. 19. Concert will be performed by Kaunas folk ensemble “Dailingė“ and Mixed Choir of Kaunas “Saluto“.

17 h. Opening of the exhibition of the project  “Hundred feelings for Lithuania“ at free of charge “National house“, Vytauto pr. 79.