Christmas in Kaunas? Why not!


If you are going to celebrate Christmas, then you should celebrate it in Kaunas!
This year Kaunas, as never before, is set for a holiday season and intends to create such a Christmas atmosphere that you could have seen if only in Hollywood films.
Both small and big ones will be full of Christmas spirit. The whole city will be decorated: bridges, parks, squares, avenues, fountains, and other places in Kaunas.
Traditionally, a 12-m tall Christmas tree will appear in the Town Hall Square that will surprise Kaunas residents with its originality and naturalness.
This year’s Christmas tree will become the first one in the country lit by environmentally friendly electricity. Coffee grounds will be used for its generation; therefore, enterprises, organisations operating in Kaunas, not indifferent to environmental problems and fostering a responsible attitude to business, are invited to collect them.
Besides, the square will be decorated by an impressive size glass installation that will show in different colours at dusk. Kaunas has not seen anything like this before, we guarantee that.
The Christmas tree lighting is scheduled on 2 December, at 6 p.m.
This year, a record-breaking sum of EUR 460 thousand has been allocated for Christmas; therefore, we may say with confidence – this year Christmas in Kaunas will be like in America. There will be a lot of lights and events everywhere!

During the Christmas season, the following spaces of the city will be decorated:
● M. K. Čiurlionio, Varnių, P. Vileišio, S. Daukanto, Panemunės, Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant bridges
● Jiesia and Kaunas Castle bridges
● Independence Square
● Laisvės Av.
● Vilniaus St.
● Vytauto Av.
● Fountains in Laisvės Avenue and the Founding Seimas Square
● Kaunas Castle
● Vaidoto St.
● Tunelio St.
● Juozapavičiaus Av.
● Parodos Hill
● L. Sapiegos St., S. Daukanto St.
● Old Town streets: M. Daukšos St. , Naugardo St. , Kurpių St. , Muitinės St. , L. Zamenhofo St.;
● Utenos St. flyover
● Kaunas Music Theatre
● Santaka Park
Santaka Park will look particularly impressive. This will be an absolute surprise for Kaunas residents. A part of trees in Santaka Park will be decorated with crystal rain and birds of the fairy tale wood. 95 birds will land on trees in Santaka Park, deer of the fairy-tale wood will pasture, stars carrying happiness will descend from the Christmas sky and it will be possible to dream, tell them their wishes. 49 lighting poles will be decorated with frosty waves. Santaka Park will simply turn into a dream park where everyone will experience a sense of unexpectedness upon visiting it.
During the analogous time, also a Festival of Lights will take place in Kaunas, where the Garrison Church will be lit in different colours (on 10-12 November), Kaunas Castle (on 17-19 November), Jesuits Church (on 24-26 November).
Traditionally, a cosy Christmas town will be established in the Town Hall Square.
Thus, let us celebrate Christmas in Kaunas! Why not?
Also invite your friends, acquaintances, parents-in-law, parents, classmates, colleagues, lovers, children, business partners, fiancés, grandchildren, grandparents, and all others!