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020_Matijosaitis Visvaldas

Visvaldas Matijošaitis


Phone: +370 37 42 60 58
Fax: +370 37 42 34 09


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Deputy MayorPhone: +370 37 42 34 89

Spheres of responsibility: sustainable urban development, environment protection, city economy and infrastructure, investments, energy, transport, management modernization, regional cooperation.

  Simonas Kairys Simonas Kairys

Deputy MayorPhone: +370 37 42 23 32

Spheres of responsibility: culture,
cultural heritage, tourism, improvment of business environment, youth affairs, e-government, sports, international cooperation.

  Rasa Šnapštienė
Rasa Šnapštienė

Deputy MayorPhone: +370 37 42 34 17

Spheres of responsibility: education, healthcare, social affairs, relations with NGOs, public management modernisation.

With a great regret and emotion I say goodbye to Kaunas, such a lovely and hospitable city, where France has so many friends. I am very grateful to the City Mayor, municipality who put in so much effort in order to make old and strong friendship between France and Lithuania. 02/03/96

Philippe de Suremain French Ambassador


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