Reconstruction of Laisvės Avenue

Laisvės Avenue is the longest pedestrian street in Eastern Europe, the main Kaunas city street and the most important city’s functional space, located in Naujamiestis district, connecting the old and the new parts of the city. Laisvės Avenue reconstruction project shall include upgrade of covering of the longest pedestrian path in Kaunas city by adapting it to the needs of Kaunas citizens and guests, revamp of utilities, delineation of a two-sided cycling path, installation of elements of small architecture, as well as other works provided in the technical design. Having reconstructed Laisvės Avenue, unique space for pedestrians and cyclists, it will become even more attended by citizens and guests, communication of pedestrians and cyclists, as well as general city image will be improved. Provisions of European Commission, promoting authorities to develop clean and sustainable transportation, will also be implemented. Planned value of the reconstruction is approx. 22 million euros.

11 Laisvės alėja