Reconstruction of a Part of Parodos Street and K. Petrausko Street, Including Construction of Trolleybus Catenary

Two complementary projects were implemented – Parodos Street and a part of K. Petrausko Street were reconstructed and then the new trolleybus catenary which joined two important Kaunas transport arteries – Vytauto and Savanorių Avenues was installed. With reconstruction, covering of Parodos Street was improved, pavement, lighting, rain run-off, sewage, water supply networks, traffic signs, additional traffic lane to Vydūno Avenue, and a traffic light console were installed. Within the second project, new trolleybus catenary of 2.1 km length was installed and the total length has reached 5 km. It is expected that use of private cars to reach the city centre has decreased, as well as traffic conditions in K. Petrausko, Parodos and Vytauto Streets have been improved and journey time has been reduced simultaneously.

parodos kalnas