“Žmonės Cinema drive-in“ arrives in Kaunas

After a successful launch in the capital, “ŽMONĖS Cinema drive-in” project is expanding to other cities. Kaunas residents from April 24 will be able to enjoy the cinema on the big cinema screen by sitting in the car, near “Žalgiris“ arena.

“The drive-in cinema launched in Vilnius attracted a lot of interest – tickets to the movies were sold instantly. We received a lot of requests from all over Lithuania, when it will be possible to watch cinema from the car in their cities. This weekend, we were convinced that it was possible to ensure the safety of the event, so we decided to give the residents of other cities the opportunity to enjoy the cinema. We are glad that “Žalgiris“ arena has shown a great initiative to join our project and Kaunas residents will be able to enjoy the long-awaited cinema already this Friday”, says Tomas Balžekas, the initiator of “ŽMONĖS Cinema drive-in”.

“For many people “Žalgiris“ arena is associated with good emotions and meaningful entertainment. Therefore, it is especially gratifying that during this period “ŽMONĖS Cinema drive-in” in Kaunas opens at the “Žalgiris“ arena. Kaunas residents here will be able to safely diversify their free time and good emotions will gradually return to the heart of our city”, says Paulius Motiejūnas, the director of Kaunas “Žalgiris” arena.

In the “ŽMONĖS Cinema drive-in” screenings held in Kaunas, as in Vilnius, films can be watched only from the car. It is not possible to get out or use the window. Organizers also note that there will be no more than two people in one car. So far, the exception does not apply even to family members. In order to avoid the possibility of contact, it is important to get the ticket in advance – tickets will not be sold at the event. It is also not recommended to go to the session for people belonging to risk groups. All visitors must adhere to the sneezing and coughing etiquette.

“The extended quarantine period gave many the opportunity to take the book in their hands, to spend more time with their household. However, people also missed the entertainment. So far, they are still very limited, so outdoor cinema in Kaunas, I believe, will be that safe and accessible attraction in today’s conditions. Recently, in our everyday life there is enough of drama, so let it go to the cinema screens and stay there”, says Mayor of Kaunas City Visvaldas Matijošaitis.

“ŽMONĖS Cinema drive-in” will provide positive and already loved movies. The season in Kaunas will be symbolically started by the inspiring documentary “Another Dream Team” by Marius Markevičius, about the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, where the national men’s basketball team played for independent Lithuania for the first time. The film tells not only about sports, but also reminds about Lithuania’s path to independence.

Eight film screenings were held in Vilnius on the first weekend, with over two thousand spectators. In Kaunas, as in Vilnius, “ŽMONĖS Cinema drive-in” sessions will take place throughout the summer. The organizers actively communicate with municipalities in other cities and plan the development of the project.

More information about the event, its rules and how to buy tickets can be found at www.zmonescinema.lt