Visit of Director of European Trade Union Committee for Education in Kaunas

On Friday, December 4, Director of European Trade Union Committee for Education Mr. Martin Romer visited Kaunas and got to know the education system issues of Kaunas City. During his visit, he met the Mayor of Kaunas City Visvaldas Matijošaitis, municipal officials responsible for education, visited several schools. Speaking with the Mayor of Kaunas, Mr. Romer underlined the urgent necessity of changes and reforms in the education sector not only in Kaunas, but in Lithuania in general. Speaking about them, he mentioned the example of Denmark, his native country.
„I have been working with trade unions for many years. Of course, the education system needs changes. One of them is the reconstruction of infrastructure and optimization. It is rather a painful and unpopular process, but it has to be done as soon as possible. In Denmark, we closed down more than 800 schools, but we found ways how not to dismiss teachers. Now the situation is good – it suits both teachers, parents and politicians“, – said Mr. Romer.
Kaunas City Mayor Visvaldas Matijošaitis explained that right now there is analysis of the infrastructure of education institutions going on (finances, administration, energetic efficiency of buildings, premises). “We have completed the reform of the network of schools. Now our main goal is quality. We are also looking for ways how to raise salaries of teachers“, – said Matijošaitis.
M. Romer was also interested in the science and innovation centre Project „Science Island“.
„The chosen location is just perfect. Of course, there is much to do, but when I come back to Kaunas in a few years, I will definitely visit this science centre“, – said M. Romer.