V. Vitkienė: Culture includes our behavior on the streets and respect for others

Kaunas seeks to become the European Capital of Culture in 2022. Virginija Vitkienė, General Manager of the project „Kaunas – European Capital of Culture in 2022“, thinks that Kaunas has a real chance to gain this title.
,,It is a very good decision for Kaunas to participate in such a famous project, because it contributes largely to the city’s development“, – said Virginija Vitkienė.
The European Commission grants the title of European Capital of Culture each 12 years to one member country of the European Union. Vilnius city gain this title in 2009, now there is a competition going on among the other Lithuanian cities. We must understand the definition ,,culture“ in a wide sense – from our behavior on the streets, communication with each other, respect for others to community activities, high culture, art events. Sports, leisure activities, even food festivals – it is culture that surrounds us all. Such projects improve cultural standards, increase tourism flows.
,,Today people insufficiently know Kaunas and in which country it is situated. We hope that after the project, Kaunas will appear on the mental map of Europeans“, – said Virginija Vitkienė, the General Manager of the project „Kaunas – European Capital of Culture in 2022“.