The renovation of Kaunas Town Hall gained momentum: more functional spaces and preserved authenticity

The overhaul and maintenance work of Kaunas Town Hall, which started in February, has accelerated. While preserving the valuable properties of the building, the engineering networks are changed, the authentic layout of the premises is restored, and worn elements are renewed. Next year, marriage ceremonies will return to the town hall; a modern exposition of the Kaunas City Museum, a cafe, an exhibition pavilion, events and educational activities will be located next to it.

“By protecting the authenticity and what is dear to the people of Kaunas, we want to bring more life and make Kaunas Town Hall accessible to everyone. It is not only the cozy historical spaces that are important, but also the content that visitors will see here. Valuable details are being restored, premises are being renovated, and the incongruous Soviet legacy is being removed. We are happy that the renovation projects are going smoothly, despite the global challenges,” – said Kaunas Vice Mayor Mantas Jurgutis.

The renovation of the town hall is carried out under the constant supervision of heritage custodians. Some elements of the protected interior were removed and set aside for restoration, while others were covered and thus preserved from damage during construction work.

Engineering and ventilation systems in poor condition are being replaced, in addition a fire protection system is being installed in the building.

In the newly reborn town hall, visitors will be able to enter previously unseen premises on the first and second floors, as well as the attic, which is open to the public for the first time. In addition, an exhibition pavilion and stairs leading there are already being built. Back in 1973 installed masonry brick partitions were dismantled within a few months, as well as the worn out floor coverings.

According to the project prepared by the architect studio “Processoffice”, all Town Hall’s historical layers will be highlighted in the renovated building, including the 16th century architecture, and it will become much more adapted to the needs of the community and the museum.

In the basement and on the second floor, interactive city exhibition spaces are planned and on the first floor there will be museum’s ticket office, a Tourism Information Center, a cafe, recreational and educational space. Souvenirs will be available for purchase here. Marriage ceremonies will return to the White Hall and museum exhibition pavilion will appear in the attic.

The layout provided by the project will allow more efficient use of the building, and it will also be adapted for people with disabilities. Preparations for the elevator installation that will connect all floors are beginning.

The representatives of the company “Kaminta”, which performs construction and maintenance work, plan to complete the contract tasks next July. Then, installation efforts will begin in the town hall of a modern exposition presenting Kaunas and its history.

“With the new exposition, we aim to promote a modern approach to Kaunas’ history, development, and distinctiveness. The exposition will not be limited only to Kaunas – it will examine the trends and problems of urban development”, – says Gabrielius Sužiedėlis, director of the Kaunas City Museum.

According to G. Sužiedėlis, the visitors will not only be spectators, but also participants. Interactive exhibitions, exhibits and art installations will invite to discuss and express your personal opinion and share your stories.

Before the reconstruction, more than 21 thousand people visited the town hall yearly. This number is expected to double after the renovation of the premises.


Information from the Public Relations Department