The Abandoned Linkuva Manor Park Will be Turned into an Exemplary Recreational Space

The territory of Linkuva Manor Park with abandoned outbuildings in Šilainiai, which has not received much attention from private owners so far, may soon be reborn in the most beautiful colors. To implement this goal, Kaunas Municipality Administration is initiating a draft decision that will propose to revive the complex and transfer it to the needs of society. In order for the process to move forward, it will have to be approved by the City Council in early February.

The aim is to revitalize the historic area

“The vision is very simple – to renovate the abandoned territory and turn it into a cozy space, where it will not be a shame to come and spend time not only for the residents of Šilainiai, but also for all the Kaunas City citizens. The manor park is located in the territory of the Veršva Landscape Reserve. However, scattered buildings over a large area are abandoned and endangered.

By creating the necessary infrastructure, this place can become one of the most attractive in the whole Kaunas. It is very important to understand that in this case we are talking about the territory of the park and the farm buildings that turned into ruins. It does not touch the residential house where the residents are currently located,” explained Kaunas City Mayor Mr. Visvaldas Matijošaitis.

According to Mr. Vilius Šiliauskas, the Director of Kaunas City Municipality Administration, the owner of the complex has been repeatedly asked to arrange the territory. As a result, he was warned and an increased property tax rate was applied to abandoned buildings. However, no tangible results have been achieved.

“Unfortunately, there is no positive shift, so a decision was made to take over the endangered manor area for the needs of society. This will have to be approved by the City Council meeting in early February. The buildings, which belong to the cultural heritage, will have to be arranged and resurrected,” said Mr. V. Šiliauskas.

According to the Register of Cultural Values, there are almost half a hundred objects in the Linkuva manor homestead complex, 16 of which are buildings. The territory occupies about 161 thousand square meters. It continues on both sides of Mosėdžio street and borders with 9-ojo Forto street and the Western Bypass.

Lots of valuable objects

The specialists of the Environmental Protection Division of Kaunas City Municipality, who performed the assessment, said that cultural heritage in protected areas is valuable not only as cultural property, but also as landscaping resources. In this case, there are valuable greenery.

“In the northern and north-eastern parts there are also solid deciduous trees: small-leaved lindens, oaks. It is a significant complex object of regional significance. As a result, we propose to take over this park for public needs. This would ensure professional maintenance and preservation of values,” said Ms. Radeta Savickienė, Head of the Environmental Protection Department of Kaunas City Municipality.

According to Mr. Saulius Rimas, Head of the Cultural Heritage Department of Kaunas City Municipality, the renewed park could serve as a recreational place for recreation, culture and health.

Even more space in the territory of Linkuva manor would be opened by removing abandoned farms left here from the Soviet era and having nothing to do with heritage.

“It would be possible to comprehensively arrange the park’s greenery, paths, water bodies, restore the fountains and unique interwar sculptures and the chapel, which are currently abandoned and disappearing,” Mr. S. Rimas assured.

The next meeting of City Council of Kaunas City Municipality will take place on February 2. It will be clarified whether the proposal to revive the abandoned Linkuva manor complex will be approved.