The construction of the new Kaunas Ice Arena is gaining momentum

The global COVID-19 pandemic has significantly frozen most activities. However, in the construction sector, a significant number of projects are continuing successfully. And one of them is a new ice arena in Kaunas. 7.5 thousand sq. m. of winter sports center is scheduled to be opened in the beginning of 2021.

Tilted the riverbed

The arena under construction near the Girstutis complex will stand out with a modern interior, specially adapted to this type of space. In total there will be two ice rinks here: one of them will be for training, while the other one for competitions in both – hockey and figure skating. The grandstands will accommodate about 500 spectators.

After signing a contract with Autokausta at the end of last year, the first thing to take care of was to relocate the Gričiupis stream flowing underground. The channel under the future building was “pulled” a little further away.

Work is gaining momentum

“To this day, more than 3 thousand cubic meters of concrete and 70 workers are working on the construction site. We are glad that the concreting stage is gradually coming to an end and we have now started to install the columns that will hold the roof construction. Also we are installing reinforced concrete monolithic constructions for the stands”, Audrius Pakėnas, the project manager of the company Autokausta, detailed the ongoing work.

According to him, the roof of the arena is expected to be covered this summer, and then the exterior and interior finishing works will begin. Geothermal heating wells are currently being installed, so the building will be environmentally friendly.

“We would like to thank the residents of the surrounding houses for their understanding and we are sorry for the trials they have had. In fact, some works had to be performed continuously, so the noise level had increased significantly at night”, said A. Pakėnas.

Modern building

Inside and outside of the building will be dominated by two materials – concrete and glued wood. Such combination will attractly contrast in the overall context of the interior and will give a visual impression of warmth, as well as contribute to energy efficiency.

Another highlight that spectators will see in the arena – the trusses of the roof construction and the long wooden beams made of glued wood. Such constructions are characterized not only by esthetic appearance, but also durability. They are also often used in swimming pools. The operation of metal constructions in this case would be much more expensive.

Small but important benefits

The ice arena will solve a problem that often annoys professional hockey players. Transporting and storing sportswear is becoming a big concern for the representatives of this sport.

Special dryers will be installed next to each changing room, where hockey players will be able to store their clothes safely.

Last year, the operating old ice palace on Aušros street, where the sports school “Baltų ainiai” is located, also received investments. The roof and facade decoration were arranged here, spectator seats were renewed, new changing rooms and a choreography hall for figure skating were installed on the site.