The anniversary of the city twinning between Kaunas and Toruń was celebrated in Poland, marking five years of fellowship

The cooperation agreement with the Polish city of Torun was signed in the Kaunas Town Hall five years ago. In commemoration of the anniversary of this partnership, on May 12-14, Kaunas delegation visited the sister city in Poland. During the visit, the honorary consulate of the Republic of Lithuania was symbolically opened in Toruń. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss common activities, share good examples and strengthen mutual relations between sister cities.

Mutual cooperation

“We celebrated the beautiful friendship between Kaunas and Toruń. We are sister nations, kinship cities, and our connection is special. Toruń’s experience undoubtedly contributed to the successful implementation of the European Capital of Culture in Kaunas. We have established valuable relationships between schools, universities, and cultural institutions, exchanging insights on the protection of cultural heritage and the journey towards the UNESCO World Heritage List. Together, we strive for progress and aim to remain a motivating example for each other.” said Mantas Jurgutis, the Deputy Mayor of Kaunas, during his visit to Toruń.

In response, Mayor Michail Zaleski of Toruń reiterated that the historical ties between Lithuania and Poland will never be forgotten, and the current partnership between their cities is highly valued. He expressed his belief that cooperation will only strengthen in the future.

The first connections were established back in 2008 between educational institutions in Toruń and Kaunas. After signing a cooperation agreement, the cities actively exchange proposals to join and participate in cultural, artistic, and sports events, while specialists learn from each other’s practical experiences. For example, Kaunas successfully adopted Toruń’s non-governmental organization funding model.

During the visit, working sessions were held between specialists from the municipalities of Toruń and Kaunas, focusing on discussions about cooperation development in the areas of sustainable mobility, “clean” transportation, heritage preservation, and urban planning. Toruń’s departments of Sports and Leisure, Culture, Advertising and Tourism, as well as the Business Support Center and Culture Agency, actively engaged in these sessions.

Prestigious awards

After a yearlong hiatus, the Lithuanian Consulate in Toruń was officially reopened. Businessman Pšemeslav Bankovskis was appointed as the Honorary Consul.

Mayor Michail Zaleski and the people of Toruń received a symbolic gift from Visvaldas Matijošaitis — a miniature sculpture of the “Freedom Fighter.” This gift aims to remind that despite the distance that separates us, Kaunas is always nearby, ready to unite forces in pursuing common goals. One of the symbols of the city and the country – Vytis – is a joint creation by Lithuanian sculptor Arūnas Sakalauskas and Ukrainian authors Boris Krylov and Oles Sidoruk.

Signs of Kaunas in Toruń

Another symbolic expression of the cities’ kinship is the exhibition opened in the courtyard of the Old Town Hall. The exhibition showcases the development of Kaunas’ scientific, cultural, and sports infrastructure, successful projects, and the rich architecture of interwar modernism.

The visit was concluded with a joint intention for a Holy Mass. Led by the Bishop of Toruń and attended by Archbishop Metropolitan Kęstutis Kėvalas of Kaunas and Father Vincentas Lizdenis, the Mass was dedicated to the friendship and collaboration between the Polish and Lithuanian communities.

Information from the Public Relations Department