Preparation For the Shipping Season Started in Winter: A New Pier Will Appear in Kaunas Reservoir Bay

So-called Neptune Bay has a poor sailing and shipping infrastructure which will soon become a thing of the past. At the beginning of the year, the first stage of the renovation of the site began with the transportation of pontoons for the pier that will help several hundred boats to moor this summer. In the future, it is planned to renovate this Kaunas Reservoir port from top to bottom by turning it into an accessible attraction for all residents.

Untapped potential for freight transport by ships

“Kaunas Reservoir Bay that has been lacking attention for a long time, will welcome its first serious changes. Presently, a modern port is about to emerge – new pontoon pier will be installed by the middle of the year.  It is no secret that in the past this urban space seemed quite chaotic because there was a lot of arbitrariness. The site management plan will ensure a level playing field for everyone. Once the first stage of work has been completed, we will continue to manage the quays. In this way, we want to create good conditions for the education of young sailors. The reviving port has the potential to become an accessible attraction for all and a great place for water entertainment enthusiasts.

The starting changes will serve both recreational and passenger navigation. I believe that in the future all of these changes will be strengthened by the projected floodgate at Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant.” – said Mayor of Kaunas City Visvaldas Matijošaitis

Last year, the municipality announced an international procurement for the purchase and installation of pontoon piers. The Estonian company “Top Marine Infra OÜ” has won the competition and committed itself to carrying out the works.

In total, almost half a hundred special concrete pontoons will be brought to the quay. The first shipping infrastructure elements, weighing 12 tons each, have already reached the bay.

Conditions for the education of sailors

Under the project, the new ship storage areas will also have so-called mooring fingers and a service column from which electricity and water will be provided to berthed ships. After reconstruction, up to 200 ships will fit on this coast alone.

As it was presented by Vilius Šiliauskas, Director of Kaunas Municipality Administration: “The changes will benefit not only recreational or passenger shipping, but also the employment and non-formal education of children. Neptune Bay also should provide a building for children’s sailing and quality, organized space for the activities of young athletes.

In the warm season, students would safely enter the lagoon on a separate path, and in winter they would learn theory and maintain physical shape in modern rooms with a gym, changing rooms, and other necessary infrastructure.”

More changes are coming

In the future, it is planned to create the necessary conditions for convenient transportation of ships in both warm and cold seasons. For this purpose, it is planned to strengthen the quay.

In the next stages, the construction of slipways is planned – installation for convenient dropping and lifting of ships from the water. Also repair shops and rest places that would be used by the owners of water vehicles.

The project also includes the installation of a leisure park for residents who like a peaceful rest and walk in the picturesque areas of Kaunas Reservoir Bay.

It is estimated that the refurbishment of the three-stage port would cost around 10 million euros. In addition to the funds allocated to its implementation by the city, the aim will be to attract financing from the funds.

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