New Parking Lot Close to Ąžuolynas Park

Recently, Ąžuolynas Park, which has undergone noticeable changes, and the entire surrounding part of Žaliakalnis, with its renovated major city objects, are becoming an increasingly prominent center of attraction for Kaunas residents and city guests. In order to anticipate possible problems of traffic flows, the City Council of Kaunas City Municipality on Tuesday approved the decision to take over the territory in Vydūnas avenue for public needs. It is planned to provide a spacious and convenient parking lot.

New life for Žaliakalnis

The plot on Vydūnas avenue 4 has been used for commercial purposes for most of its life or stood dilapidated. At the same time, major urban projects in the vicinity, which are being implemented more and more rapidly, require solutions that would protect the surrounding population from traffic flows.

The construction of S. Darius and S. Girėnas stadium is currently underway in Žaliakalnis, which is about to gain new life, after which the historical Lithuanian football and athletics space will accommodate 15 thousand fans. The works in the legendary Kaunas Sports Hall, which can accommodate about 2.5 thousand people, are also nearing completion. It is planned to install a new sports complex near these objects – an athletics arena. The square of Sporto street and Dainų valley is waiting for its turn.

For some time now, maintenance work has been going on in the Ąžuolynas park, and its infrastructure will soon be renewed. The main priority is to preserve and nurture the centuries-old oaks that grow here, and only then to adapt this unique space to the needs of visitors.

The largest oak park in Europe is included in the register of immovable cultural values ​​and the European network of protected areas “Natura 2000”.

Protection of surrounding streets

“Ąžuolynas is one of the city parks that attracts Kaunas residents from various districts, so it is natural that many of them come by private transport. This year, it is planned to reconstruct Ąžuolynas park, adapting it even more to the needs of the citizens. The need for parking spaces is likely to increase accordingly. I would not like the surrounding residents to suffer as a result,” said Mr. Paulius Keras, Deputy Director of Kaunas City Municipality.

In order to avoid possible problems in the future, the state-owned territory at Vydūno av. 4 is being prepared for such purpose by installing car parking lot, which would help during events.

“In order to take over the territory for public needs, the city seeks to anticipate possible problems in this busy part of Žaliakalnis. The spacious parking lot would be designed so that during the big events in S. Darius and S. Girėnas stadium, Kaunas Sports Hall and Dainų valley there would be no traffic jams. Undoubtedly, not only pedestrians, but also car flows will increase in this area after the implemented works,” Mr. P. Keras added.

An example – Žalgiris Arena

Representatives of the municipality presented an example of Žalgiris Arena. There, as in the future stadium of S. Darius and S. Girėnas, over 15 thousand people also come to basketball matches and other events. Despite the well-developed public transport network, all the surrounding parking lots, Karaliaus Mindaugo avenue and other spaces seem to be filled with cars.

At that time, Žaliakalnis is an even more sensitive place for that. There are problems with parking here even before the renovation of large objects. Especially during major sporting events, the high traffic flow and the resulting congestion were always a test of the patience of the locals.

The distance from the possible site to S. Darius and S. Girėnas stadium would be only 300-400 meters, so the communication would become very convenient.

The priority is to preserve vegetation and greenery

Although this place could tentatively accommodate almost 2 thousand automobiles, the real number will decrease significantly, as the primary aim will be to preserve the green vegetation in this area. In addition, playgrounds for children and other recreational facilities for visitors can be built nearby.

“The mentioned area is classified as a commercial area. Commercial activities have been carried out on this plot for number of years. There were various intentions to develop this area but in the opinion of majority of population, it is simply incompatible with Ąžuolynas park.

After taking over the area for public needs, the main priority will be the task to design the parking lot in such way that its impact on the environment will be as small as possible. The impact of such infrastructure on the park must be kept to a minimum. We will also be sure that this area will serve the convenience of all residents and guests of the city,” said Mr. P. Keras.

At that time, Kaunas City Mayor Mr. Visvaldas Matijošaitis responded to possible fears, claiming that this area will continue to remain green: “There is no need to think that the area will be covered with asphalt. It will not happen. Urbanists will have to find solutions so that the area blends harmoniously into the environment and remain green, without disturbing the overall landscape. ”

On Tuesday, after the discussion, the City Council of Kaunas City Municipality, approved the proposal to initiate the takeover of the mentioned area for the needs of society.