New ice skating rink in Kaunas

In Žaliakalnis, near ice arena, the new skating rink contours are coming out. Since the closing of shopping and entertainment centre’s “Akropolis” skating rink, the city decided to install another site for winter sport enthusiasts. The skating rink is planned to start working from the middle of January.

Kaunas Deputy Mayor Andrius Palionis commented that the ice skating rink will be available for citizens until the new winter sport arena near Girstutis will be constructed.

The new open air ice skating rink is located in Aušros street‘s parking lot in front of the entrance to the ice arena and will cover more than 500 square meters area.

Skating rink will be constructed with refrigeration system with the ability to work at a positive temperature. This will provide the opportunity to use skating rink from November till March.

The head of Kaunas City Municipality Sport department Mindaugas Šivickas explained, that there will be no strict number of people that could use the ice skating rink, however, to use it comfortably there should be approximately 50 – 60 skaters at one time.

The ice skating rink will be used for athletes training and for local entertainment. There will be ability to rent equipment for skating with the price of 1,5 euros and the price for one-hour session will cost 2 euros. Exact skating session timetable will be announced at www.ledoarena.lt