New agency to attract investments and tourists to Kaunas city

“Kaunas IN“ – eventually this title is going to be seen by more and more investors and tourists. A new institution will be established that will be responsible for attracting foreign investments and tourists and international marketing of Kaunas City.

A new quality label was introduced to the society this Tuesday – “Kaunas IN“ – an institution, which we believe, will attract the business to the city of Kaunas. The new agency will combine Kaunas tourism information centre and public institution “Technopolis“ and will be responsible for attracting foreign investments, tourism and international marketing of the city.

According to the deputy mayor of Kaunas city Simonas Kairys, “Kaunas IN“ will take care of attraction of flight destinations, tourist services, promotion of the city. The new institution will not work only by itself. There is going to be a collaboration with “Investuok Lietuvoje“, institutions of higher education and other partners.

A wide network of partners with other institutions in Lithuania that are performing similar activities will be developed. They would include the Department of Tourism, embassies of the Republic of Lithuania, international associations, investment funds, science parks.

It is planned that “Kaunas IN“ going to start operating this year.

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