Merūnas Vitulskis: Kaunas is a wonderful city

The famous Lithuanian opera singer Merūnas Vitulskis, who was born and raised in Kaunas, always enjoys coming back to the hometown. The interview with famous artist about Kaunas as a capital of culture and the most favorite places in the city.

You were born and raised in Kaunas. Does your hometown city inspire you?

Whenever I am thinking about home, I always want to come back to my hometown. Maybe it is too soon to talk about it, but my dream is to spend my days in Kaunas when I get old. Kaunas is the city where every corner is homey: university years, childhood, and the memories of first love. This is my city, city of love, city of music, my home.

Kaunas is called the capital of academics, students and the city of sports. What about the culture? Do you feel that Kaunas is full of culture?

As much as I have been traveling around the Lithuania during the tour I still think, that Kaunas is the city, which has the most sincere audience. Talking about the culture, I think, this city is a cradle of culture. For me Kaunas associates with the greatest pianists and artists. In any case, Kaunas has been a capital of culture. The only thing the locals need is to believe in it. And I feel that they do. Kaunas is a wonderful city.

If we compared Kaunas with other European cities, what does it stands out for?

It is a calm city. Just thinking of people and traffic jams, and constant rushing, the only wish is to come back home. There is a lot of green in Kaunas, people are calmed not so hotheaded, there is no climbing over the heads of each other. This is a great country and the best city to raise children.