Kaunas Presented Bike Sharing Service

On Wednesday, bike and car sharing services managed by the company CityBee started to operate in Kaunas. It is hoped that Kaunas citizens will welcome popular in Europe sharing economy tendency and it will become successful.  

“After a thorough preparation, we start to provide transport sharing services in Kaunas. We know that Kaunas citizens are impatiently waiting for CityBee services. We already have more than 1,000 new registered users in Kaunas who are impatient for trying CityBee cars and bikes and the company has not even started to operate yet. Today we present popular in Europe service and encourage to try alternative to own transport ways of travelling”, Aurimas Drūtys, Director of CityBee, states.

Kaunas Mayor Visvaldas Matijošaitis stated that the city has always aimed and aims to be innovative and positively accepting novelties. “Kaunas becomes more and more resembling a modern European city where it is possible to use various modern services. Today we have made a huge step towards this aim”, V. Matijošaitis said.

At present there are 150 bikes for sharing in Kaunas. They are located in the central part of the city and stops in other parts of Kaunas. It will be possible to take and leave CityBee cars and bikes in 30 CityBee cars’ parking stops located in Šilainiai, Žaliakalnis, Dainava, Šančiai, Aleksotas and Old Town districts.

According to A. Drūtys, it is planned that until the end of 2016 the car park in Kaunas City will have 100 cars, and 50 stops will be opened. In March the company announced that it intends to expand until the end of the year: there will be 400 cars in the CityBee car park.

“The novelty that we first offered to Kaunas City is bike sharing service. Only a special CityBee application is necessary to rent a bike; a registered user will see free transport means with the help of this application. Users will be able to rent a bike for a trip for the unlimited period of time, and payment will be calculated to the exact minute”, Lukas Yla, Marketing Director of CityBee, states.

Only users of Android application will be able to use CityBee bike rent service in May. Meanwhile, for users of other mobile operating systems it will be accessible from June.

Public Relations department information