Kaunas Plans for 2021–2023

Although last few years for Kaunas have been a period of growth and planning for major city projects, this is not the end. The city’s approved strategic action plan shows that 2021-2023 will also be full of challenges – long-awaited objects will open their doors to Kaunas residents, the whole Europe will celebrate the title of the Capital of Culture together with Kaunas. There will be innovation in sports and education.

From infrastructure to culture

“Kaunas strategic action plan has been approved, envisaging the most important 2021–2023 city ​​projects and priority directions – it is a step that shows that Kaunas is planning activities and development responsibly and purposefully. And a purposeful move towards the goal allows you to achieve great results. This year, we will pay attention to the continuity of projects that are extremely important for Kaunas and Lithuania, but as well there will be some new ideas,” said Mr. Vilius Šiliauskas, the Director of Administration of Kaunas City Municipality.

The short-term plan identifies 3 priority areas. In the coming years, the focus will be on promoting sustainable economic development and competitiveness, the development of a smart and civil society, and the sustainable development of territories and infrastructure.

Investments will also be received in the fields of culture, sports, education, health and social security, and the development of urban infrastructure. Of particular importance are the protection of the environment, the promotion of investments and the implementation of major Kaunas projects, such as the Science Island, S. Darius and S. Girėnas Stadium, which meets international standards, and the Aleksotas Innovation Industrial Park.

Constructions gained momentum

In the last few years, construction works have accelerated throughout the city, and some of the new facilities will be ready to meet visitors already this or next year.

Probably the most significant complex changes are approaching on the Nemunas Island. The construction of a new bridge leading to this renewable space will be completed later this year. It will connect the historical center of Kaunas with the new one, where, next to the “Žalgiris” arena, there will be a multifunctional water sports center, which will accommodate an Olympic-sized swimming pool, spa area and a sports club. The only Science Island in the country is also being built here.

Sports infrastructure will also receive attention. Construction continues in the S. Darius and S. Girėnas Stadium. Reconstruction is about to be finished in legendary Kaunas Sports Hall. Although this space is associated with basketball, the range of activities that will take place here will expand significantly after the renovation. Sliding telescopic stands will be installed, places for cafe and expositions will be provided. Upon completion, the authentic hall elements will be accurately restored. A new athletics arena is being designed nearby, and the renewed Ąžuolynas park will make this place even more comfort for Kaunas residents.

Fans of sports and active leisure will be delighted by the 7.5 thousand sq. m. ice palace. In the completed arena next to the Girstutis complex, there are two ice rinks: one for training and the other for competitions – both hockey and figure skating. The grandstands will accommodate about 500 spectators.

In the near future, dredging works of the rowing route in Lake Lampėdis will be completed. The upcoming 2 km long straight for kayaks, canoes and academic rowing boats with modern start and finish infrastructure and trail buoys – almost everything to host the top-ranking races here.

European focus

Next year, a period of long and persistent preparations will be crowned by Kaunas becoming the European Capital of Culture: the whole city will be pulsating with culture – exceptional events, exhibitions, performances and other meaningful activities are planned that will attract the attention of Kaunas residents and all Europeans.

Cultural enthusiasts and film lovers will be delighted by the legendary Romuva cinema, which will open its doors to visitors soon after the reconstruction. The interwar authenticity here will go hand in hand with new features. In addition to the usual film screenings, the cinema is planned to host performances of modern dance and other performing arts. A space for educational workshops will be established on the second floor.

Kaunas City Hall will also receive innovations. There will be removed Soviet-era thin-walled partitions, there will be opened a large uninterrupted space for expositions, installations, there will be upgraded engineering systems, installed heated floors and new lighting. On the first floor, in addition to the modern exposition of the museum of the highest level, there will be formed additional spaces for cafe and conference hall.

Renovation of Kaunas Artists’ House is also planned. Facade repairs, restoration of windows and doors, and lighting of the building should be carried out here.

Quality of education and infrastructure

In the next three years, the field of education will also see positive changes. In order to make children feel comfortable and safe in schools and kindergartens, renovation works are planned in some of the buildings. The school communities will gain experience in projects to improve the quality of educational services.

The network of kindergarten infrastructure will be further expanded. The future kindergarten for 200 people has already been built in Šilainiai, Kuršių street. The kindergarten will stand out with a cozy environment and modern play spaces that encourage children’s mobility and curiosity. There will be as many as 12 groups in the spacious premises.

The capital reconstruction works of the former kindergarten on Jūratės street has already been prepared, after which this institution will reborn. Construction of a new kindergarten is also planned in Romainiai, Vijūkų street.

And this is only a part of all Kaunas changes and projects planned for the next three years. The strategic action plan also identifies innovations and plans in the fields of health and social security, environment, urban infrastructure management and other areas.

Details on Kaunas strategic action plan for 2021–2023 is available here: http://bit.ly/strateginis-planas.