Kaunas is getting ready to welcome refugees

Questions like where to accommodate integrate and prepare Kaunas citizens for refugees’ arrival, are being answered by a special work group of Kaunas city municipality.

Integration model

Refugees will be accommodated in rented apartments which expenses will be covered by European Union. “Most important that all service sectors and non-governmental organizations would be ready to provide services to refugees. Equally important is the attitude towards refugees from Kaunas city citizen’s point of view. Kaunas has always been an open city and thousands of exchange students are studying here every year from all over the world”, – was pointed out by societal mayor’s adviser Irena Segalovičienė.

Most important -cooperation

Cooperation between non-governmental sector, “Caritas, Lithuanian Red Cross society is a cornerstone in solving refugee mater. It is also important to cooperate with education sector because there might be families with children who will need to be educated.

Has experience 

Kaunas already has an experience in solving the questions related to welcoming refugees. More than a decade ago more than  60 refugees from Chechnya were welcomed and successfully integrated into society.

There are plans to establish centers for refugees in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda. In two years Lithuania is committed to welcome 1105 refugees.