Kaunas introduced an innovation: laser speed meter

On April 12, in Šilainiai district, at Žemaičių road overpass, the modern laser speed meter recorded the speed of the moving vehicles. The members of Traffic Safety Commission of Kaunas City and the police officers had a chance to rate benefits of the new generation speed meter. After the public procurement tender is complete, it will be clear what kind of speed meters will be set up this year in Kaunas.

According to the system serving company “Viltechna“ project manager Vladas Steponkus, this speed meter system is based on a laser technology, which, differently from the other speed meter systems, records all the street lanes, even in such cases when vehicles are driving next to each other.

“It does not matter how many cars are driving in parallel, if they follow or outdistance each other, all of them are photographed. With the radar systems, if two cars are driving next to each other, they record such a situation as an error”, – explained V. Steponkus.

“At the moment there are procedures going on, the results of which will be the purchase of certain speed meters that will be set up in Kaunas. This is an offer one of the companies. We will hold a public procurement tender, in which we will expect even more offers“, – highlighted the chairman of Traffic Safety Commission Mr Rimantas Mikaitis.

This year, there are plans to set up speed meters in 10 places in Kaunas. The devices, recording speed in both directions, will be set up in those streets, where drivers are over-speeding mostly. It is planned to purchase devices that can measure speed in both directions. Speed meters will be installed in the hillside of Savanorių Pr., Nuokalnės St., Šiaurės Pr., Europos Pr., Tunelio St., R. Kalantos St., also in Jonavos St., Karaliaus Mindaugo Pr, Žemaičių Rd. and at the intersection of T. Masiulio and Raudonojo Kryžiaus streets. These places were selected following recommendations of the Police and Road and Transport Research Institute.

Public Relations Department information