Kaunas International Airport sets the record for 2019: the highest number of passengers was reached

Kaunas International Airport summed up 2019 and announces a new record – last year, it handled 1160682 passengers (15% more than in 2018). It is recorded that it is the highest indicator achieved in the history of the airport, not counting the runway of the Vilnius airport in 2017, when all aircraft were diverted to Kaunas. This year, the country’s second-largest airport hopes to keep up with volume and preparing for a bigger expansion.

According to Karolis Matulaitis, director of Kaunas International Airport, the figures achieved in the last year shows a definite growth of this air gate. The second largest airport in the country has also been actively developing not only the segment of low cost airlines but also charter and traditional airlines.

“2019 has become the most productive period for the airport in its lifetime. We have reached not only the record of passenger numbers, but for the first time in a global context, the airport has been introduced as one of the fastest growing airports in Europe, which is a remarkable result of our work, ” says K. Matulaitis.

According to the manager, since 2019, 100 thousand of a monthly traffic figure for passengers has become standard practice, and a few years ago, this was the exception rather than the rule. This was influenced not only by the beloved old directions but also by the newly emerging directions of Italy and Germany, which are very relevant for the development of business partnerships. Importantly, charter flights started at Kaunas International Airport last year, which also contributed to the growth of passenger flows.

  1. Matulaitis hopes that this year will be no less successful for the air gate and mentions the planned changes.

“One of the most important projects is the development of the passenger terminal, which will be run on company funds and it will pay off over a 10 year period. Already in 2022 passengers will enjoy a much more spacious and renovated building of Kaunas International – from the existing 7300 sq. m it has to feed the network up to 10800 sq. m. We estimate that after the reconstruction we will be servicing about 2 million passengers. We will also strive to ensure that any inconvenience to passengers is avoided during contract work”, – K. Matulaitis reveals plans.

Despite the increased passenger flows, Kaunas International Airport maintains high passenger service quality indicators, which is very important for both the airlines, the passengers and the airport itself.