Kaunas Calling: Your Ideas For New Sculptures Wanted!

“Kaunas Highlights” is a competition of ideas having no analogues in Lithuania.

“Kaunas Highlights” invites to put forward ideas for new sculptures that will decorate ten different sites in the centre and Old Town of Kaunas.

An independent commission will select ten competition winners each of whom will receive a 1,000 euro award.

Everyone may participate in the competition!

Competition terms

Applications may be submitted from 16 May to 25 July 2016, 2.00 p.m.

You may submit offers for ten different zones located in the centre and Old Town of Kaunas City. For each of them, different sculpture projects should be prepared.

Authors of ideas will not be imposed any restrictions. It is most important to ensure that conceptions of the authors match a general urban image, are unique, emphasize peculiarity of the city and do not undermine moral standards and the laws.

In each of ten zones, one winner will be selected who will get an award of one thousand euros.

The competition is open to everyone. No education in the field of architecture, art, design or any other art is necessary.

The authors who will win the competition will be able to implement the ideas by themselves, or entrust their realisation to other professional sculptors.

During the first stage, ideas will be assessed without disclosing their authorship in order to provide all competitors with equal opportunities. The names of the authors of ideas will be disclosed only during the second stage of the competition, after selecting the best projects.

The main criteria applied for the assessment of ideas include originality, harmony with the surrounding environment (with regard to specific site in the zone), aesthetic qualities, sculpture durability and longevity, also cost-efficiency.

Competition participants will be provided consultations and other assistance, which will make their participation in the competition simpler.

Brief instruction:

  1. Download the competition terms https://goo.gl/zj1Q7u (Section on procurement documents);
  2. Carefully read the competition terms;
  3. Register in the public procurement information system https://goo.gl/5bX7Hi;
  4. Follow information update in the public procurement system https://goo.gl/zj1Q7u;
  5. Prepare a project;
  6. Send the project to the address Laisvės al. 92 (room 147), LT-44251 (Kaunas) until 25 July, 2.00 p. m. Please pay attention to Clauses 39 and 40 of the competition terms – documents to be submitted;
  7. Wait for the results – an assessment of the competition ideas, without disclosing their authors, will be started after 25 July. After assessing all the projects, envelopes with the names of participants who prepared the projects will be opened. After identifying the authors of ideas, the winners will be announced.

Do you need help? Call the numbers indicated in the Section “Contacts”.

If you have questions about:

sculpture competition?

Jūratė Baniūlienė, tel. (8 37) 424392; email: [email protected];

cultural heritage protection?

Andrijana Filinaitė, tel. (8 37) 20 88 17; email: [email protected];

public procurement procedure?

Daiva Čeponienė, tel. (8 37) 422793; email: [email protected];

Indra Jasiukaitienė, tel. (8 37) 220270; email: [email protected];

More detailed information: http://highlights.kaunas.lt/