Kaunas has been presented at the 37th International Hanseatic Days in Kampen (The Netherlands)

Freddy Schinkel

On June 15-18, Kaunas was successfully presented at the 37th international hanseatic days held in Kampen, the Netherlands. In this colourful event where 79 cities from 13 European countries participated, Kaunas was presented as a contemporary, modern city which will become the European Capital of Culture 2022, outstanding by its interwar architecture, international events taking place all year round and a city that can be reached very quickly with the direct flight Eindhoven-Kaunas.
The visitors of Kaunas stand have been acquainted with Kaunas by tasting Lithuanian bread and kvass. Moreover, residents of the Kampen city and guests of the event had a unique opportunity here and now for two minutes to move to Kaunas. By using virtual reality glasses visitors of the stand enjoyed the experience of looking around Kaunas Kaunas Garrison Officers’ Club, Kaunas Department of the Lithuanian Bank, Kaunas Central Post Office and other objects. The virtual walk around the objects representing Kaunas interwar architecture has left no one indifferent.
Thanks to the partner “Volfas Engelman”, residents of Kampen City and guests of the event had a great opportunity to get to know Kaunas by drinking our traditional drink – kvass. It must be admitted that despite the unfamiliar drink to that region the participants of the event evaluated this bread drink very positively, which pleasantly surprised them with its taste and aroma. Most of the tasters were wondering how the drink can be made of bread. Big part of them were also interested in the process of the drink production and a large number of guests promised to look for this kvass as soon as they arrive in Kaunas.
(Photo made by Freddy Schinkel)