Kaunas City Strategic Development Plan for 2022–2030

Kaunas City Municipality is completing the implementation of Kaunas city strategic plan for 2016–2022 period. During this period, the city changed significantly. In order to ensure harmonious and balanced further development of Kaunas and to strengthen the competitiveness of Kaunas in Lithuania and Europe, a new plan for the next decade is being prepared.

Kaunas City Municipality, together with the strategic consultants who won the tender, UAB “Ekonominės konsultacijos ir tyrimai” and UAB “Civitta”, started to prepare the Kaunas City Municipality Strategic Development Plan for 2022–2030.

“The Strategic Development Plan is a guideline for the future of our city, covering strategic goals, objectives and measures of the city development. It is the most important document of the city, which takes into account not only the current situation and already done work, but also pays special attention to the future expectations of the residents. Kaunas residents have the right to decide on the future of the city,” says Mr. Vilius Šiliauskas, Director of Kaunas City Municipality Administration.

A survey of the opinion of the population will be of great importance for the plan being prepared. In it, residents will be able to actively share insights about the current situation, future perspectives and priorities for urban development. In addition, all Kaunas residents will be invited to actively participate in public discussions.

“One of the most important tasks for plan developers – active participation and cooperation of all stakeholders. Only in this way will we reach a common agreement between the related communities and different groups of people on a unified vision of Kaunas city,” says Mr. Darius Dulskis, a marketing expert of the group of experts preparing the plan and a partner of the company “Ekonominės konsultacijos ir tyrimai”.

The strategic development plan will be prepared in three major phases. The first – has already started. These are preparatory works, which include analysis of the current situation and resources, study of the needs of the population.

During the first stage, experts perform an analysis of the implementation of the strategic plan of the previous period, 2016–2022, assessing the most important achievements and the most significant problems of the city. In the first stage, the analysis of Kaunas city environment and resources is also performed, followed by the analysis of weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities (SWOT).

In the second stage, a strategic document will be prepared – the formulation of the city’s vision. Document will be prepared in separate working groups according to the areas of activity of the city and the services provided to the citizens – education, health care, economy, culture and others.

The final stage is to approve and publish the final document for the 2030 strategy.

More information about the Kaunas City Strategic Development Plan for 2022–2030 will be published in the near future on the website 2030.kaunas.lt. Residents are invited to actively contribute and build the future of the city together.