Kaunas citizens gained a possibility to get acquainted with the principles of Large Hadron Collider

The world‘s biggest particle physics laboratory CERN exhibition located in Switzerland was opened in Santaka Valley of Kaunas University of Technology on February 18, 2016.

,,Today we can be proud of science and innovation progress in Lithuania and Kaunas. It shows that we are keeping pace with other countries. Congratulations to Kaunas University of Technologies for strengthening its position and step by step becoming the center which gathers such as organizations, occasions and events“, – said Simonas Kairys, Deputy Mayor of Kaunas City.

,,Lithuania and CERN cooperates long enough and has intensified cooperation in recent years. This exhibition is the result of our cooperation“, – said Svetlana Kauzonienė, Vice-Minister of Education and Science.

,,This occasion is extraordinary for many reasons. This is because of having one of the CERN exhibits and the possibility to get acquainted with the popular physics. This system makes us see and feel better Kaunas as a science and innovation center, the universities try to show the best they have“, – said Asta Pundzienė, the Pro-Rector at Kaunas University of Technology.

CERN works with the scientific experiments, introducing the secrets of universe and subatomic world. The exhibition consists of two parts – posters‘ exhibition called ,,CERN in Images“, and interactive installation called ,,Interactive LHC Tunnel“, which demonstrates a Large Hadron Collider and its operation, at the same time introducing the biggest science experiment in physics.

After the opening of the exhibition in Santaka Valley of Kaunas University of Technology, the representative of Kaunas City Municipality Aistė Lukoševičiūtė introduced the future plans for the National Science and Innovation Centre.