Kaunas birthday is expanding: Old Town and more cultural representatives are joining

As Kaunas birthday approaches, the final program of events becomes brighter. One of the highlights that day will be a gala dinner in the very center of the city, to which the old town community enthusiastically joins. On Saturday (May 23) from 5 p. m. the tables arranged at safe distances will stretch not only in the renewed Laisvės avenue., but also in Vilniaus street – all the way to and around the Town Hall Square. In addition, more and more urban cultural organizations are joining the festive initiatives.

Festive table lengthens

Tables set with white tablecloths and decorated with flowers should become one of the attributes on Saturday evening, when Kaunas will celebrate its 612th birthday. In order to ensure compliance with all quarantine requirements, this time the motifs of the “Courtyard Festival” integrated into the program of events will be implemented in a slightly different way than usual. Until now, it has become a tradition that the tables are arranged by the residents themselves, but this time the cafes, bars and restaurants of Laisvės avenue, Vilniaus street and Town Hall Square are invited to take care of it.

The courtyards open, the city celebrates! With such a slogan, the approaching holiday will cover not only the central pedestrian streets, but also many courtyards of Kaunas.

“The city’s birthday initiatives bring Kaunas residents together. Not only representatives of culture, but also public catering establishments throughout the central part of the city are actively involved in the organization of this year’s festival. As long as the weather allows, it is likely that a chain of record-length festive tables will stretch. This year’s model of the festival could become a beautiful tradition, when the festival reaches all the courtyards of the city”, said Kaunas Deputy Mayor Mantas Jurgutis.

Owners of cafes during the birthday dinner promise not only to serve customers, but also to make them happy with the festive program. Citizens will also see surprises prepared by “Kaunas 2022” team.

Multicolored cultural program

Special gifts will be waiting for Kaunas residents all over the city. On May 23 theaters, museums, dance and music groups, library and other organizations will invite to discover the entertainment scattered in different spaces.

List of birthday entertainments is being supplemented every day by new initiatives from cultural institutions and communities. Individual artists from various fields are also willing to donate their creations to their neighbors.

If you want to join the creation of festive mode, please contact event coordinators by e-mail: [email protected].

Unique birthday format

The exclusive format birthday will take place not only in the city center, but will also visit Kaunas apartment courtyards and some streets of private houses.

Residents of private houses are invited to join the celebration. All you have to do is take the tables outside, closer to the gate of the yard, and build them in a way that is convenient for those who live nearby.

Kaunas residents will be also able to watch events on the screens of computers and smart devices. Live broadcasts of the most significant performances and photo galleries from venues will be published on the “Kauno gimtadienis 2020” account on Facebook.