Kaunas Became Lithuania’s Main Air Gateway

Kaunas Airport became the main air gateway in Lithuania in mid July. Passenger flows have increased by four times, but that does not cause any inconveniencies or problems for passengers. It is all on the opposite – the city of Kaunas, which put all of its efforts to make the work of the airport with the increased number of passengers as smooth as possible, deserves all the positive feedback.
Kaunas Airport now is providing service to more than 10 thousand passengers per day, and it perfectly handles such a workload. Several dozens of service volunteers with bright colored vests at the entrances to the parking lots meet incoming passengers, while at the same time in the waiting hall they welcome guests. Instead of harsh uniforms they use big smiles.
Cheerful young people work not only at Kaunas Information Stand and the Airport lounge, but also outside. They share information about Kaunas city, kindly help the passengers and answer all their questions.
“These friendly people are youngsters from Kaunas. The forces are expanding and there is an increasing number of people willing to contribute to such a voluntary initiative. Even the heads of the Airport administration are actively involved and together with the volunteers help to coordinate these activities. The atmosphere is really good. All together we strive to ensure that every guest who visits this place wishes to return to Kaunas again and wants to get to know our city even better, perhaps in 2022, as the European Capital of Culture”, said Deputy Mayor of Kaunas, Simonas Kairys.
He himself joined the volunteers for some time in order to see the Airport work even closer. According to S. Kairys, Kaunas City Municipality is constantly following the situation in order to make the necessary decisions in time. So far everything is going smoothly. This is proven by the positive passengers’ feedback and positive evaluations in the public space where passengers notice that even border control procedures are now much faster.
“When there are no chaotic processes at the airport, passengers do not feel any extra tension, and the overall impression of the city remains much more enjoyable, no matter if the stay is very short. If previously we received signals about the disadvantages of one or another kind in the Airport, in recent days, we receive only good reactions. It is obvious that attention to the possible problems paid in advance helped all the responsible institutions to prepare for this situation very well. This is important not only for Kaunas but also for Lithuania, too. There were even requests addressed to Kaunas to continue to be the main airport of the country”, Simonas Kairys smiled.
All of this contributed to the increasing number of tourists in Kaunas and almost all of the city’s hotels are fully loaded. The last few weeks in the housing service sector surpassed even very optimistic preliminary expectations. Also the impact was made by bus route No 29 which drives twenty four hours per day from Kaunas Airport to the main railway station. The schedule of this bus route is even promptly corrected according to the information about delaying flights.
This so-called “golden month” is planned to continue until August 17, when the reconstruction of the Vilnius airport runaway is completed. However, the leaders of the Kaunas city already said that this is not the end. A number of flight companies are expected to remain in Kaunas Airport, and therefore the city will be even more accessible. There are currently negotiations going on with these companies, however, it is still too early to talk about specific directions and other details. This is especially important not only for tourists, but also for businessmen and investors who are increasingly focusing on Kaunas.