Kaunas Artists’ Support for Ukraine – a Symbol of the Fight for Freedom in the City Centre

In protest against Russia’s brutal military invasion of Ukraine, the arts and cultural community is choosing creative solutions. In the center of Kaunas, the wall of the house was decorated with an exclusive drawing based on the Ukrainian two-color motifs – “Victory”. According to the initiator of this idea Tadas Vincaitis, the new work symbolizes concern, the fight against aggression and respect for Ukrainians, who are currently defending not only their own freedom, but also the freedom of the whole of Europe.

Symbol of resistance to evil

After the start of the war in Ukraine, Kaunas residents did not remain indifferent. In addition to all the help and generous humanitarian donations, the support of the fraternal Ukrainian people is expressed in their own way by artists. One such sign in Kaunas is a street artwork symbolizing freedom.

“When thinking about the idea, I did not want to repeat the Slavic curses that had become a kind of trend already in the first days of the war. No matter how popular or playful they may be, our team was looking for alternative ways.

Victory is a symbol of hope and pride in Ukraine, with which we express resistance to evil, fratricidal war and aggression. It means the daily victory of the Ukrainian people, of hope and of each of us over ourselves. No matter how today’s events end, Ukrainian patriotism and courage have already won,” says artist Tadas Vincaitis.

The artist reveals that the idea was born in the early days of the war. The residents of the 60th house of Kęstutis Street immediately unanimously supported the idea of decorating the wall with such a work. The company “Decora LT” contributed to its implementation with paint, the lift was provided by JSC “Alfeta”. The transfer of the unique drawing on the wall was implemented in cooperation with the municipality through the program “Living Walls”.

The wall has been reborn in a new way

“The drawing attracts the attention of the townspeople, they stop, take photos, which gives even more motivation for everyone to contribute to the support for Ukraine. In the current context of the situation, the most important thing for us and for the entire civilized world is to defeat “Mordor”, because for our freedom the Ukrainian people are dying in their homeland.

For us, this sign represents an eternal victory over evil,” says Paulius Alšauskas, a representative of the multi-apartment building community.

Kaunas resident reveals that after accidentally learning about the city’s program “Living Walls”, together with the community, he decided to register his apartment building as a “canvas” for a possible work of art. In the future, after the renovation of the façade of the building, the drawing “Victory” will be revived – even larger and brighter.

Open-air gallery

The “Live Walls” program, which is in its third year, brings together homeowners and professional artists, turning the city into an ever-larger open-air gallery. Residents, entrusting the creators with the walls of their buildings, contribute to professional street art in Kaunas.

During the entire life of the project, the gray, empty walls touched by time and vandals have already been supplemented by almost a hundred works. The implementation of the ideas selected and approved by the Commission is financed by Kaunas City Municipality.

More information about the possibilities to decorate the city with original works and a gallery of photographs of already implemented works can be found on a special platform on the Internet: gyvosienos.kaunas.lt.

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