Italian journalists about the Christmas tree of Kaunas: „You just glance at it and fall in love“

Kaunas has been visited by journalists of the „La Stampa“ paper which is one of the oldest daily publications in Italy. They were impressed by the city which is titled as the capital of Christmas.

„Kaunas is also called „Little Paris“, because there is a lot to see and it is interesting to live here. The architecture of Kaunas has an obvious mix of various styles. The historical centre of the city is like a real box of gems. It is obvious that Kaunas is a real capital of Christmas and its connection with Santa Claus is more than obvious. Only here, during the Christmas season, you can make acquaintance with Saint Nicholas, who has been considered as the guardian of the city for more than 500 years, according to „La Stampa“ journalist Livia Fabietti. In the oldest written sources, postage stamps, the image of Saint Nicholas can be seen. During Christmas, a small sculpture of   St. Nicholas is kept in the church and then transferred to the town hall when the holidays begin.

The Italians were thoroughly impressed by the innovative Christmas tree, not holding back on expressing compliments.

„This year the Christmas tree–carousel is innovative, non-traditional. It is a surprise to both the young and the old. You just glance at it and fall in love. The qualities of the tree: light and motion. The Christmas tree is not static, but constantly rotating, so you can admire it from all of its sides. The Christmas atmosphere is created by the Christmas town (marketplace), where everyone, including the young and the old can find activities fit for them. Due to the fact that Christmas is associated with gifts and shopping, don’t miss the chance to visit the shops and admire the Christmas decorations in Laisvės avenue, also known as “the longest pedestrian crossing in East Europe”, 1.6 kilometres long, containing non-smoking areas”, – abstracts the “La Stampa” paper.

The daily paper “La Stampa” is one of the oldest papers in Italy, founded around a hundred and fifty years ago (1st of February, 1867). The edition reaches around 250 thousand copies and its “Facebook” page has more than a million followers.

You can find the full article on Kaunas in Italian here: http://www.lastampa.it/2016/12/20/societa/viaggi/mondo/il-natale-anticonvenzionale-a-kaunas-lc2J120ayPbnGkIUyQZujL/pagina.html