Information on quarantine softening

In Lithuania the quarantine was extended until 11th of May, but because the number of new infected people is dropping, it was decided to soften the quarantine conditions from April 27.

All the countries in the world feel the consequences of COVID-19, especially in economic terms where many businesses suffer, and with the softening of quarantine we would like to share information about the situation in Kaunas.

In Kaunas, school canteens, sports clubs, polyclinic pharmacies and most of other businesses and organizations, whose activities have been restricted as a result of quarantine, may be exempted from property rent or receive significant discounts (rent will be reduced to 70 percent) for the latter period. Such a form of support was provided for the tenants of the premises by Kaunas City Municipality, which also received the support of the City Council. In addition to this issue, City Council also decided to apply a discount to catering establishments by abolishing the fee for outdoor cafes and terraces. The outdoor advertising fee has also been deferred for 3 months.

Softened quarantine conditions in Kaunas allowed outdoor catering to be provided from this week, and businesses will be able to use the funds saved at the initiative of the city in order to save jobs or to invest in the development of outdoor terraces.

Considering possible risks, the kindergartens in Kaunas will not open the door at the current stage of quarantine. Thus, in cases where parents do not have access to childcare at home, care will continue to be organized by municipality. While pupils continue to learn remotely through the “Zoom” app, where pupils together with teacher join the program and in this way lessons are taking place.

Libraries and museums from Monday are able to work if they meet the requirements to prevent the spread of infection. Institutions must ensure that visitors are at least two meters away from queues at ticket offices, or that they can purchase tickets online, and that they are encouraged to pay non-cash for tickets or other goods and services. Distance of at least 2 meters must be ensured between visitors and groups of visitors, and an area of at least 10 square meters for one visitor.

Indoor training from this week is allowed for some sports and open sports spaces for all athletes, provided that a distance of at least 10 meters between athletes is maintained and at least 10 square meters for athlete.

Hairdressers and nail salons are also able to provide their services only by limiting the flow of customers. At least 10 square meters area or services can only be provided to one person at a time. Only customers and other visitors who wear protective masks or other face protection will be allowed to enter the service locations.