In the renewed project “Be Active and Fit” – twice as many free training sessions in Kaunas.

This year, in the project’s “Be Active and Fit” schedule, people will be able to see and enjoy exercises like yoga, linear dancing, boxing, zumba, muscle building, seniors’ exercises and even dances for moms with children “Mother kangaroo”. Until now most of the exercises took place in the center of the city and around it, and from February 5 it will be possible to attend the sessions in neighbourhoods of Kaunas – Šančiai, Šilainiai, Eiguliai, Griškaupis and Žaliakalnis. In the cold season, they will be organized at the LSU Athletics Manège, at the KTU Tennis Hangar Hall and at A. Sabonis Basketball Center. Every spring, Kaunas residents are invited to move from gyms and participate in workouts outdoors, in such places as Panemunė Beach, Santakos Park or Song Valley.

Will take care of children too

Every weekday, “Be Active and Fit” will arrange workouts where parents can come with their little ones and safely leave them with a professional trainer. The project also made a new promotional video clip with one of the most popular rappers in Lithuania, Mad Money. The unexpected decision – to invite a young, tattooed guy with ruffled hair to training sessions – has the aim to show that the “Be Active and Fit” project activities can be attended by everyone, from a baby to the elderly. In all training sessions, the coaches are trying to show the exercises so that active people can feel the right pace, and less trained would not get too tired.

Presents a new organizer

Since 2015, “Be Active and Fit” exercises were organized by S. Darius and S. Girėnas Sport Center, assisted by Kaunas City Municipality. Now the whole organizational activity is taken over by Public Health Bureau of Kaunas City Municipal.

“We are thankful for the S. Darius and S. Girėnas Sports Center for years of cooperation. They performed their functions well; however, we see that the Public Health Office should be the one organizing it from now on. The “Be Active and Fit” project does not end; the workouts do not stop; only everything is renewed. All workouts, as before, will remain free, thanks to Kaunas City Municipality.” said Andrius Palionis, one of the initiators of the project “Be Active and Fit”, chair of the Sport, Tourism and Leisure Committee of the Kaunas City Council.

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