In the closing program of “Kaunas 2022” – traces of the Mythical Beast of Kaunas: inviting you to a mysterious game

 From November 24th till November 27th “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture” will invite you to a playful cultural adventure – the closing program “The Contract”. The big events are unimaginable without the mascot of the European Capital of Culture – the Mythical Beast of Kaunas. During “The Contract”, it will invite it’s little fans to a mysterious game in which – the search for the fellow members of the Beasts‘s crew and the route leading to the most important events of the program.

 The Kaunas Mythical Beast metaphor arose by connecting the city’s stories. “A beast is a bit of an auroch, a bit of a resident of Underground Kaunas, a bit – a child or even a machine. It, like the city, moves, changes, breathes and never stops working, because it is eternal.” – say the creators of the Kaunas Mythical Beast.

 Finding fellow members of the Beasts’ crew and the mysterious signing of “The Contract “

The four day Kaunas 2022 closing program “The Contract” will invite you to more than half a dozen events including: exhibitions, concerts, performances and excursions. November 26 – 27 all those who wish, will be able to participate in the Beast game, specially created for the closing program.

After collecting “The Contract” program at the information centres, participants will be invited to visit the events held throughout the city at the specified time and collect the stamps of the members of the Beast crew waiting for them. The route drawn up by the organizers will invite you to visit museums, galleries, video and sound installations and various objects scattered around the city. Members of the Beast crew will be hiding in 10 events these days.

After collecting 3 stamps, a surprise will await the participants – a special “The Contract” signing ceremony, which will take place in the (K. Mindaugas) underground passage, under M.K. Čiurlionis bridge. Children will not only be able to hear the Beast, but also get to know Karalaitė (the Princess), and finally, they will be able to sign “The  Contract”, which will remind them that Kaunas is an eternal city.

“The Beast is a metaphor for the city as a living organism, it can be a helper, it can be a defender, it can be a partner in games, and it can also be blamed if something goes wrong… The Kaunas Beast loves the city people and is always on the good side. Although we won’t see the Beast itself in “The Contract” program (he has a lot of work, because he has to make sure that everything is fine in Kaunas), children will be able to meet the characters of the Kaunas Myth stories and will be rewarded with “The Contract”. A souvenir that will remind of a beloved city and the citizens’ care for each other.” – the organizers of the game talk about the idea.

 The tracks of the beast are all over the city

Legends are already circulating in the city about the traces left by the Mythical Beast of Kaunas. Appearing in the most unexpected places, the mythical resident of the city constantly gets involved in the lives of Kaunas residents and guests of the city.

Those who want to make sure that the Beast is really visiting Kaunas will hear the proof while walking around the Kaunas Castle. Here, if you put your ear to one of the openings in the west tower of the castle and listen carefully, young and old will hear the Beast snoring.

If you still have doubts about the existence of the beast, it is also worth visiting the pedestrian island at the intersection of Jonavos and A. Jakšto streets. Here you can see the Giant Tooth of the Beast, which was found in the Old Town of Kaunas and presented to all the curious by ceramist Dr.  Remigijus Sederevičius. The best way to complete the search route for the Beast is to wander over to Kaunas Nemunas Island, near the Žalgirio Arena, where you can see the sculpture created for Kaunas Beast in all its beauty, the design of which was designed by Darius Petreikis. You can learn about the Myth of Kaunas and the adventures of its characters by immersing yourself in the world of books-reading publications for children, decorated by illustrator Darius Petreikis.

You can find more information about the closing program “The Contract” in Kaunas and Kaunas region here. The game of the Beast is organized by “Kultūros dokas”.

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