Hotels in Kaunas light up symbols of unity

On Thursday evening, the windows of Kaunas hotels shone with the inscriptions 4U!, thus expressing strength and unity with other European cities in the face of the COVID-19.

The international initiative #Light4U, which inspires not to lose the spark of hope, was mentioned in Kaunas on April 16. From 9.30 P.M. to 10.30 P.M., the lights in the non-residential rooms of Kaunas hotels lit up the symbolic 4U! note.

The idea, born in Budapest, Hungary, seeks to draw attention to the importance of tolerance, community and focus in these difficult times. According to the creators of the campaign, this symbolic gesture is intended, first of all, to thank the medics and all those who still travel to work every day and support the life of the city. Also, this is an attempt to remind us that the current situation has affected us all in one way or another, no matter what corner of the world we are in now and no matter what activity we are engaged in. Still, the most important message of the initiative remains that even in the darkest time the lights return, especially when we are united.

After receiving a warm invitation from colleagues in Budapest to join the social campaign, the representatives of the Ibis Kaunas Centre could not resist it. “The #Light4U initiative is a beautiful gesture of focus for all of us. Light on windows in an encouragement and a hope for each of us to have a better new day”, says hotel director Aistė Čistovienė. She recalls the words “Happiness can be found even in the darkest times if someone reminds us to turn on the light” and sends a hopeful wish: “Let the lights reminds us that Ibis Kaunas Centre Hotel will always be waiting for everyone and I hope that our united action will soon get us back on track”.

Park Inn by Radisson Kaunas also undertook to give thanks and express solidarity, saying that at the moment there is nothing more important than the kindness we can give to each other. “We are pleased to join the initiative to turn on the lights in the windows of the Park Inn by Radisson Kaunas to thank the residents of Kaunas who stay at home. At the same time, it is a thank you to all the medics who save lives and work without sparing themselves. We do our best for each other – that is why we believe in the slogan #Light4U. At the same time, we thank our guests and customers, who we missed very much. We are waiting when we will be able to see all of you into renovated and even more comfortable rooms”, the director of the hotel Jūratė Rudienė shares and intrigues.

This symbolic action has no end date and will remain meaningful until life returns to normal, as there will not be too much thanksgiving to all of those who sacrifice during this period. The organizers of the initiative call on all members of the European tourism industry not to be left out and to join it at any time. When you light 4U! ir 4U in your windows, you can share this gesture of kindness on social networks by tagging photos with #Light4Eachother, #Light4U. #Light4You.

Photo by A. Aleksandravičius