Growing Business Awards in Kaunas – K.A.V.A 2019

The most prominent representatives of Kaunas business community, met in Kaunas Growing Business Awards „K.A.V.A. 2019“ in Kaunas Business Forum „IQ“ on Thursday, 6th of June. During the ceremony, Kaunas companies that had contributed to the growth and prosperity of Kaunas city were awarded.

“Kaunas is changing, it is easy to notice that. New companies and buildings are rapidly growing and it is a good proof that Kaunas is changing” – said Visvaldas Matijošaitis, Mayor of Kaunas City. In his welcome speech at the event, the Mayor mentioned that he appreciates not only new business. “I am glad that mature companies are also actively involved in the city life and show a good example to start-ups.” He thanked all businesses in Kaunas for their contribution to the development of the city.

This year 80 companies were competing to get the award of “K.A.V.A 2019”. The winners of ten nominations were selected by experts and professionals in their field, composed of representatives of “Kaunas IN”, Kaunas City Municipality and Kaunas and Lithuanian business community members. The Commission elected the winner of the fastest development, creation of innovations, hospitality for citizens and foreign guests.

The commission had a really challenging task evaluating the number of high-interest applications. Although only one nominee is awarded in each nomination, many are worthy of attention. We hope that event like this will help to unite Kaunas businesses for the common goals of the city” – said a Chairman of the Commission Tadas Stankevičius.

The winner of the nomination “Development abroad” is “Imlitex Holding” for steadily growing exports to more than 50 different foreign countries.

The winner of the nomination “Kaunas Start-up” is „Teltonika“ for creating a unique intelligence based „iDenfy“ identity authentication technology that helps to prevent unauthorized actions that require identity verification.

The winner of the nomination “Responsible Business” is „Hegelmann Transporte“ for business-based, environment and human friendly solutions that promote engagement in social initiatives and projects.

The winner of the nomination “Created in Kaunas city” is “No Magic Europe” for exceptional solutions for business process, software and system engineering modeling.

The winner of the nomination “Innovation 2019” is “Axioma Metering”. The company created the world’s smallest smart ultrasonic water meter “Qalcosonic W1“.

The winner of the nomination “Hospitality in Kaunas” is “Monte Pacis” for the original and modern hotel and restaurant services in a unique location – Pažaislis Monastery.

The winner of the nomination “Kaunas Real Estate Developer” is “YIT Lietuva” for the implementation of the urban project “Piliamiestis”.

The winner of the nomination “Foreign Investor: Services” is “Festo” for creating new jobplaces, making Kaunas well known as the capital of technologies and development of service center industry in Kaunas.

The winner of the nomination “Foreign Investor: Production” is “Littelfuse LT” for promotion of engineering professions, for consistent creation of highly qualified jobs, investments and development in Kaunas.

„Kaunas is proud“ is a special nomination and the winner was elected by Kaunas society. “Kaunas Coding School” got the majority of the votes (47,7 %). “Kaunas Coding School” not only successfully changes public opinion towards information technology, increases the popularity of the specialties in this field but also helps Kaunas people to improve their existing programming skills and inspires professionals from other fields to discover and fall in love with IT.