Found evidence that Kaunas is the authentic Lithuanian Christmas capital

According to the historical facts, in our country Kaunas is the only city which can to be called the real capital of Christmas celebration. Connections between Santa Claus and Kaunas city are more than obvious. This also gives some basis for social media users hash tag the important city events like a #ChristmasCapital.

In 1998, Saint Nicholas was nominated as the guardian of the city, and he is known as being progenitor of Santa Claus. In Greek, his name was Nicholas, but in other countries it is simplified into Klaus (Claus). Thus Saint Nickolas could be called simply Santa Claus.

There are many cities in the world that declare Saint Nicholas as the city’s guardian, but in Lithuania Kaunas is the only such city. The guardian was nominated by the archbishop, historians and the city mayor.


Saint Nicholas statue will be under protection


„Even in the oldest documents, on the stamps, the picture of the Saint Nicholas is found. Also his picture is found on the walls of the Old Town. We have Saint Nicholas church, too. So all the facts prove that Kaunas reasonably can be called Lithuania’s Christmas capital“, – says Kęstutis Ignatavičius, Chairman of Kaunas Town Hall society.

Most of time the statue of the Saint Nicholas is kept Saint Nicholas church, but every year before Christmas the statue is solemnly brought to Kaunas Town Hall where it is going to stay during whole holiday season. It also symbolizes that city is the caring hand of Saint Nicholas. One more important part of the ceremony is speech of Saint Nicholas speech from the balcony of the Old Town Hall.

This year, this tradition is going to be slightly changed. According to K. Ignatavičius, they took some decisions to collect all the coins which were thrown into the ancient wax stove by the tourists and residents of Kaunas, put into three bags and present them as a gift to some organisations, such as the children’s day care centre.

With all these arguments, K. Ignatavičius also adds that each year Kaunas decorates the most beautiful Christmas tree in Lithuania, hosts such events as „Kindness Crystals“ (award given to Kaunas citizens) and Christmas Charity Evening organized annually since 1990: “Christmas is the time of giving, the time of kindness – the city gives presents to its citizens, to the people who are in need”.