Events in Kaunas on Day of Independence of Lithuania

Kaunas residents will celebrate 16th of February – the upcoming Day of Independence of Lithuania – differently. Due to the quarantine in Lithuania, events on February 16 are moving to a virtual space and TV screens. The program includes performances, concerts, excursions, exhibitions and an exclusive light installation. The main accent will be the traditional solemn award ceremony “Aš – dalis Tavęs” and the festive concert “Laisvės alėja”. It will be broadcasted on LNK television.

“On February 16, Kaunas is always with special mood. Since this year’s big events will not be able to take place live, we will try to bring that festive mood to the audience directly at home. Such situation has its advantages: the entire prepared program will be widely available to all Lithuanians, wherever they are,” said Kaunas City Mayor Mr. Visvaldas Matijošaitis.

The award ceremony “Aš – dalis Tavęs”, which is being organized for the fourth year, this year will change its location and will move from “Žalgiris” arena to the stage created especially for this event – Kaunas City Hall. Distinguished and deserving personalities will be awarded with honorable trophies in five different nominations: “Free Country”, “Bright Country”, “Prosperous Country”, “Strong Country”, “Unique Country”.

The solemn ceremony will be enriched by conversations with well-known public figures and a concert of the most famous performers of the country “Laisvės alėja”. The event will be broadcasted on February 16, 7.30 pm, on LNK television.

The full program of February 16th events can be found in the Facebook account created especially for this occasion: http://bit.ly/V16Kaune2021

The festive events will start on February 15. On the eve, the audience will be invited to a virtual stay at the Kaunas City Chamber Theater. Viewers will be able to see the play “Alksniškės” by Gytis Padegimas, based on a play written by himself.

At that time, Kaunas Vincas Kudirka Public Library, the public institution “Gražinkime Kauną” and guide Deimantas Ramanauskas will invite you to a virtual tour. Its participants will have the opportunity to get to know Jonas Vailokaitis, a Signatory of the Act of Independence of Lithuania.

Even more events await on February 16th. For understandable reasons, major events had to be abandoned, but respecting the long-standing tradition, the festive day will begin with the symbolic laying of flowers in the garden of the Vytautas the Great War Museum.

Kaunas State Musical Theater will invite you to watch the concert of choir and orchestra recordings “Skiriame Lietuvai”. From noon, Kaunas Cultural Center will also invite you to spend time on social networks, inviting you to take a look at the virtual exhibition of paintings by the art studio “Vaivorykštė”, dedicated to the Day of Independence of Lithuania.

At the same time, the concert institution ”Kauno Santaka” will broadcast the performance of the wind orchestra “Ąžuolynas” in its Youtube channel account. The festive program will be extended by the virtual musical greeting of the mixed choir “Gintaras”.

From 5 p.m., Kaunas residents will have a unique event near Kaunas Castle – a light installation around the Vytis sculpture, specially dedicated to the occasion of the Day of Independence of Lithuania.

At 7 p.m., dance theater “Aura” will invite you to watch the prologue of the performance “1863” (creator of the idea – Birutė Letukaitė; author of the film – Mindaugas Arlinskas).

Finally, the culmination of the celebration will be a concert and awards on LNK television from Kaunas City Hall.