Electronic Registration System for COVID-19 Vaccinations Launched in Kaunas

As the scope of vaccination increases, more and more Kaunas residents of honourable age are getting their vaccinations. However, doctors estimate that they do not reach some patients. From now on, seniors in the 75+ age group who want to get vaccinated for COVID-19 are invited to register directly with the help of relatives on a special platform on the Internet: vakcinavimas.kaunas.lt

Can register independently

Currently, according to the priority procedure approved by the order of the Minister of Health, Kaunas vaccination center continues to vaccinate seniors aged 75 and older. It is planned to move to a younger age group soon.

According to the latest data, more than a third of townspeople aged eighty and older have already received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. In total, 26 thousand Kaunas residents received the first vaccination, and 11.8 thousand had to acquire immunity after double vaccination.

“Although the vaccination process is going smoothly, we do not rule out the possibility that information about the vaccines may not have reached all the population concerned. We are talking about an age group that does not necessarily have access to the Internet, use a computer or other smart devices. Probably not every senior is actively following the information about the coronavirus that appears in the media.

In order to ensure that everyone who wants to get vaccinated for COVID-19, Kaunas City Polyclinic has prepared an electronic system. All honourable Kaunas residents who have not contacted their family doctor and have not informed about the desire to be vaccinated will be able to register directly. Of course, this may require the help of family members, relatives or other relatives, but residents will be able to be sure that the vaccine is available to them easily and quickly,” said Mr. Paulius Keras, Head of the Emergency Operations Center of Kaunas City Municipality.

Preparation for universal vaccination

Currently, Kaunas residents aged 75 and over, and who have not been contacted by family doctors about vaccinations so far, are invited to register.

It is also possible to self-register for COVID-19 vaccination online at vakcinavimas.kaunas.lt. Connection to the system takes place through the electronic government gateway. After filling in necessary forms, indicating personal details and contact number of the senior person wishing to be vaccinated, all is needed is to choose one of the possible arrival times.

Each registered patient will also receive a reminder via SMS with the exact date, time and place of arrival when approaching the Kaunas Ice Palace Vaccination Center. The new registration system will help to ensure smoother vaccination process and will be particularly helpful in the next phase, with the introduction of universal vaccination of the population.

“Kaunas City Polyclinic physicians together with the team of municipal employees make a lot of efforts to make the vaccination as effective as possible. With the help of ambulance medics and a large Red Cross volunteer force, the vaccination center at Kaunas Ice Palace is operating at full capacity. Up to 2,700 people are vaccinated here every day.

If Kaunas receives enough vaccines, the volume of vaccinations will increase even more, but we must make sure that all of this will reache everyone. That is why a new registration system is already starting to work, so that the upcoming mass vaccination would not cause obstacles for Kaunas residents and would be successful,” said Kaunas City Mayor Mr. Visvaldas Matijošaitis.

Faster and easier

For the convenience of the residents, control vaccination questionnaire is also immediately filled in the system. This information is needed to find out if seniors are feeling well and have not had any allergies to food, medication, or other vaccines. The person’s consent to be vaccinated is also recorded on the direct registration platform. Once these formalities are completed online, you will no longer have to worry about it at the vaccination center.

“At the Ice Palace, we have put together optimal flow management and vaccination algorithms so that all those who come here feel safe and are served as quickly as possible. I believe that with the new registration system, we will be able to work even more quickly and efficiently,” said Mr. Paulius Kibiša, Director of Kaunas City Polyclinic.

Due to the objective reasons of not being able to register online, from now on residents will be able to register in a queue by phone (8-37 401 420). Those who want to consult about COVID-19 vaccines, they can contact the general Lithuanian vaccination line by phone + 370 5 230 0123 or write an e-mail to [email protected]

Kaunas residents are encouraged to take care of their respectable relatives by helping them to register and, if necessary, to help to reach the Vaccination Center in the new Kaunas Ice Palace (Kovo 11-osios st. 26, next to the “Girstutis” swimming pool). Plan your trip so that you are at the vaccination center at least 15 minutes before the scheduled visit time.