Drawings on the Walls of High-Rise Houses

Kaunas gallery under the open sky was complemented by a new exhibit – a drawing “Daily Joys”. Street art work that decorated the wall of the apartment building on Partizanų street reminds passers-by what happiness even small everyday things can provide in life. This is another project of ideas contest “Kaunas Accents” and the platform “Living Walls”.

To rejoice with simple things

The author of the drawing Tadas Vincaitis-Plūgas, and assistants, street artist Karolis Grubis and the sculptor Šarūnas Juknys, transferred the “Daily Joys” to the five-storey wall on on Partizanų street 120. The team worked at the apartment building for almost a month and their art work became as a peculiar present for residents of Partizanų street and all Kaunas city residents.

”The drawing depicts the joys that were previously common to us, but now not so easily accessible: ride with a skateboard or bicycle, a meeting with friends, a picnic in the park. The warm emotions of people, positive feelings and mood in which we used to live and which, hopefully, will soon return again, are illustrated,“- said T. Vincaitis, the author of the work.

True, the artist admits that not everything went according to plan. The goal of implementing the drawing during one week lasted for a whole month – the specifics of the wall forced to change the drawing technique and tools.

Residents were interested and entertained

However, the challenges did not hinder the implementation of the goal and another huge drawing complemented the gallery of street art works in Kaunas, which already has almost half a hundred exhibits.

Artists are happy that enterprising residents of the house have significantly contributed to the emergence of the new neo fresco. They posted photos and information about the five-story building on the “Living Walls” platform. Its purpose is to help artists to find building owners who want to decorate the walls of their homes with street art.

Active searches of Kaunas residents soon gave a tangible result – the apartment building has been decorated with an expressive drawing for several months now.

T. Vincaitis-Plūgas said that the residents of the house contacted him themselves – later they agreed on the sketch of the drawing.

“While drawing, we constantly felt the attention of both passers-by and locals. The neighbours spared no praise, on the building we were drawing on, here living elderly woman and the chairman of the apartment building were making coffee or tea time to time. We saw that the residents accepted the drawing and were happy with it,” the street artist smiled.

Even more drawings

“Kaunas Accents” is a contest of ideas that has no analogues in Lithuania. Its participants decorate various places in the city with their art works. The implementation of the approved ideas is financed by Kaunas City Municipality. Since the start of the program, 51 accents have already appeared in various parts of the city. More information about the contest can be found online: http://akcentai.kaunas.lt.

Kaunas residents can also contribute to the emergence of new professional street art works in the city by putting the walls of their buildings in the hands of artists, using a specially created platform: http://gyvosienos.kaunas.lt.

All street art works in one virtual space can be seen here: http://bit.ly/gyvosienos-galerija.