Cosmic Christmas in Kaunas: an amazing light up of Christmas tree awaits us

Last day of November is going to be a special day. On that day, the Old town square will transform into a mysterious planet for the rest of the Christmas time. Cosmic creatures and installations of a fantasy world, with the biggest event of the night being the light up of the multi-coloured Christmas tree, will inhabit it. Famous singers will perform their best at the celebration. Those, who can‘t make it to the event, are invited to watch the concert on their TVs live on LRT.

Highlight of the events – ecology

„It‘s hard to describe what the visitors are going to witness on November 30th, but I promise you – it‘s going to be fantastic! I invite everyone not to only participate in the event, but to create the Christmas spirit – you can bring your own decoration and hang it inside of the tree. Thus, everyone can take part in the Christmas miracle”, – said the author of the idea of the Christmas tree Jolanta Šmidtienė.

Kaunas’ Christmas tree and its’ holiday village are going to be truly special this year. Much attention is brought to ecology. Therefore, all 3 million plastic straws, used in last years’ Christmas tree were recycled and used as multi-coloured decorations of the cosmic holiday village.

The Old town village merchants are also taking part in the ecology – this year they will provide hot beverages in paper cups, rather than plastic ones.

Fantastic concert of the stars

On November 30th, 18:00 o’clock the Old town square will host an eye catching scene and a bright arrival of Santa. The concert for the light up of the Christmas tree will gather all the famous names in music – Justinas Jarutis, Vaidas Baumila and Monique, Jurijus Veklenko, Giedrė and others. To keep the intrigue going, some of the names are kept secret.

“Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio dantys” who had a truly amazing year, will be performing as well.

“Now we know what a trip around the world in 24 days feels like, crossing time zones and continents, – band member Karolis Steponavičius says. – There are eight of us, which is a challenge in itself; we traversed the world in rickshaws, “tuk tuks”, buses, cross-country vehicles, cars, planes. We had 11 flights during those days.”

“Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio dantys“ visited Warsaw, Delhi, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Istanbul airports among many others. They garnered great success in a music festival in India, which needed a lot of will and wits to even get there.

According to K. Steponavičius, the whole trip was a never-ending rush and adventures: “We’ve been around the world, but didn’t get a chance to visit the cosmos. So, might as well get to Kaunas for Christmas.”

A visit to the Christmas village

Kaunas Christmas village will start from November 30 and last until the Three Kings celebration, January 6. Adventures in the Christmas planet start early in the morning and conclude at 22:00.

Various event and education programs will take place here during the Advent. Younger residents of Kaunas city will be able to send a letter to or call the Santa directly. The Christmas mail event will also take place here – village visitors are invited to send a postcard from Christmas planet to their relatives all over Lithuania.

Fill you holiday calendar up

“I invite not only Kaunas’ residents, but every visitor as well to visit, and to participate, in the holiday events. We hope that city businesses will take part in creating the Christmas spirit. Thus I want to invite every organization, institution and community to share the information about planned events during the holiday period,” – said the Kaunas municipality Division of Culture director Nomeda Prevelienė.

Suggestions can be submitted by e-mail [email protected] until November 23 any extra inquiries will be handled by phone +370 614 23727.

Holiday program gets fuller day by day, yet the holiday concerts are the most important. On December 26th, 17:00, Kaunas St. Michael the Archangel’s Church (the Garrison Church) will hold concert “Christmas for everyone!”, which will include Kaunas wind instrument orchestra “Ąžuolynas” (conductor Giedrius Vaznys).

On New Years’ eve, the Old town square will host a celebration. The last evening of the year at 22:30, even titled “Cosmic New Year in Kaunas” will start. Residents of Kaunas will meet the 2020 with the most famous dance music DJs in Lithuania.

On January 6 16:00, the Old town square will hold a Three Kings Celebration.